Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Elections 2008

Last night I watched the Democratic National Convention. Watching the conventions for both parties is something that have always done and always enjoyed, but this year it lacked its luster, so far. Politics in general has been less important to me over the last couple of years, since I had experiences that have transformed my inner vision to a place of seeing and feeling truth, or what is important. Perhaps that is because there is little truth in politics. I'm not being cynical here, because I don't believe that candidates, at heart, set out to lie or manipulate, but I believe that government and power pull leaders from their inner soul and make them machines. We criticize politicians for this behavior, for their slick marketing ploys, but we buy them - hook, line, and sinker. We fall into the lull of their canned rhetoric and repeat the carefully crafted buzzwords designed to put down opponents...designed to make us unthinking, dependent sheep.

For this election, I do not yet know who I am voting for. And I actually think that both candidates, if they don't loose themselves too much in the process (which may already be too late), could bring something valuable to the table. Each has a story that can be inspiring, if we let go of our need to have "our guy" from "our party" as the winner, if we let go of attacking the winner if he happens not to be our particular choice. There is nothing wrong with disagreeing with the one in charge, and in fact, it is an important part of our process; but if we are honest, most of us will admit that sometimes we disagree simply because the person isn't our candidate. I have decided for this election that I will try to be fair and open minded, sending peace and light to both candidates, and certainly to the winner, whomever that might be. In our need to attack the opposition and our eagerness to see them fail, we are essentially hoping for the failure of our own country. And since our country has the capacity to contribute such great change to the world, and has done that in so many ways, in hoping for our failure we are hoping for the failure of the world.

What strikes me as more important to my new apolitical tone, however, is how we have become a society that expects an outside fix for our every problem or need. We think our health issues can be solved by free healthcare for all - yet we don't take the steps to keep our own bodies healthy - we don't take responsibility to prevent our own need for care, we just expect that it should be provided to us at will. Medical needs are not the only area in which we expect too much to be done for us, while overlooking our own capabilities to do for ourselves. We give up our independence and our independent thought for the safety net of a massive government machine, for the security of belonging to a group, for the comfort of fitting into norms. My biggest complaint about politicians and government is that so few really try to empower individuals. Rather, they try to own us through their programs and policies - buying our votes - sacrificing our real individual freedom for a payoff of some form, be it a healthcare package, a tax cut for ourselves, a tax hike on someone else, or many other forms of "me-ism."

If we learn to step outside of ourselves, outside of society's prescribed ways, we can generate such a collective energy that our problems will begin to disappear. Our leaders like the problems, because the problems keep us beholden to them, and give them something to attack their opponents about. But if we, as individuals, begin to see our strengths and abilities rather than our vulnerabilities, it can change the collective consciousness and the power of the whole. Changing the world is not about who is elected to high office...it is about what each of us as individuals do to bring about change, and real change requires that we behave differently, that we think differently than we have before. It requires that we dare to step up and be great, that we be different and better than before, that we embrace new ideas instead of clinging to the old.

Be conscious of your reactions during this election season. Don't give away your independent thought. Step back and try to see things not for Democrat or Republican (as they both are machines of control) but through your own eyes, through your own heart. If you ask to be shown truth and see with more clarity, and if you are willing to let go of your pre-conceived or pre-programmed thoughts, you will begin to get more clarity. And you will see that the answers to our problems, individually and collectively, lie within us and our willingness to change.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Un-Asked-For Prayers

We often hear that unanswered prayers are just a blessing from God, and I suppose that might sometimes be the case. However, in my studies of manifestation and the many miracles that are transforming lives simply because people are beginning to understand to expect more from life, and more from God, I have come to believe that that unanswered prayers are more often things that we never truly believe will occur. We ask for it, but then quickly retreat to "let God's will be done" and don't really believe that we should have a right to ask for the occurence. Our lack of faith may be why these prayers go unanswered.

So what is God's will? I believe God's will is to co-create our lives with us, which is the concept of free will. I don't believe he decides what is best for us; rather, that he allows us to live the lives we choose (or chose before we came here) and provides us with the circumstances to do so. Sometimes we have to be provided with additional circumstances or pushes, because we miss opportunities along the way, or because we did not believe enough to create the joy that was there for our taking.

There are so many incredible things happening with the power of thought, the power of positive expectations...the power of embracing our own role as creators with God. If we were made in God's image, then we can and should create alongside him. To leave everything up to "God's will" is somewhat of a cop-out, and I think that many people use it as a crutch so that they aren't really accountable for what comes their way, not accountable for creating their own realities. It is the Un-Asked-For prayers that we should be concerned with, for in the un-asking, our prayers often go unanswered, and miracles or gifts that could or should be ours are never realized.

When I followed the ideas of manifestation and asked for my purpose and Diving plan to be revealed to me, it came in full force almost immediately. Had I never asked, I might never have been reconnected to the gifts that had been available all along. I might never have realized my purpose of connecting others in a more powerful way, of being a messenger of thoughts that may lead others to a new and brighter way of thinking.

If you have not ventured into the ideas of manifestation, there are many good books and DVDs to guide you. The Secret was the primer, and provides a good foundation for the idea of manifestion and postive thought, and while it had somewhat of a materialistic tone to it, it provided a simple way for many to warm up to the idea of manifestation and see results. The Moses Code takes it to a more spiritual level, and is an excellent tool. I would encourage you to both read and watch the DVD for either or both of these, as they can provide a simple step into changing your life dramatically. Esther and Jerry Hicks' work with the law of attractions is slightly more indepth, and has provided a transformational path for many.

So, if you are ready for a more complete and fulfilling life, begin to practice the process of manifestation. It will change your life, and very possibly, the lives of others as well.

...Ask, and it shall be given.

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