Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Prayer of the Beautiful

This morning, a post on facebook made me think about how we often attach to the idea of our sin, our mistakes, our perceived flaws so much when we think about God. Through our conditioning, we sometimes focus on our shortcomings when we connect to Him, rather than our goodness. I believe that doing so creates a detachment and a separation, rather than a greater connection. I think perhaps it is why so many in the world feel empty or are searching to fill some void.

So I thought about what the best and most immediate methods for changing those thoughts might be, and how we can most easily and directly shift our relationship with God. I wrote this little prayer that can serve as a reminder to come to God in our best form, thinking the very best of ourselves, so that we might remember our own perfection and thereby connect with God more effectively. Say this when you pray and it will set up a new avenue of positive connection and will open you more readily to the pure love that God always showers upon us, if we will only learn to accept it and believe that we deserve it:

The Prayer of the Beautiful:

God, thank you for creating me in perfection, and for helping me see my own beauty when I turn to fear or doubt about who I am, who you created me to be. Help me to see my beauty in each moment, knowing that you love every part of me, even the things that I have come to think of as bad. You know why those thoughts are there, and know what their purpose is or what challenges I have faced, and you are with me always in helping me remember. Help me also to see the beauty in others, and in every situation which I am presented, feeling gratitude for every experience, knowing that You and your angels are my guides. I promise to seek to see good in everything and everyone, knowing that doing so will show me the way home to You, the way to eternal joy. Amen.

Say this in your prayers and feel yourself lift up, feel the empowerment that comes with it, and then use that energy to fuel you to do something good for the world. Share that light another in your kindness, in your willingness to see each person as beautiful, just like you.

Have a blessed and joyous day. You are beautiful...So choose to see beauty, and behave beautifully.