Thursday, July 31, 2008

Living in Faith

I would like to tell you about a young woman named Tricia that I have worked with and will continue to work with in her healing process. Tricia has been diagnosed with cancer and has chosen (under much criticism) to deal with this in her own spiritual way - finding the real root of the problem and healing that, as opposed to following the traditional medical route. I respect that choice and will do what I can to assist her in re-discovering her beautiful soul to achieve her goal, because I know that it is possible to heal oneself in that manner (Louise Hay's story, told in the recent DVD, "You Can Heal Your Life" is a wonderful example of this...see link at end of post).

Tricia has already survived much longer than the prognosis would have indicated, as she was told that she would be dead by now if she didn't seek immediate invasive procedures. Her faith and courage is a blessing to me, and I totally believe that God and the angels look down on her as a shining example of what faith is all about...the courage to follow one's own convictions and the ability/willingness to let go of fear in doing so. The following is Tricia's "testimonial" about her angel experience, as well as the peace she received from connecting with angels and spirit. Her session was powerful not only for her, but for me, as it was a 3-hour "moment" with angels and Divine messengers that blessed both of us in undeniable ways.

Here is Tricia's recount:
I was diagnosed with two types of cancer in 2007 and was told by several doctors if I didn’t get a hysterectomy ASAP I would die. I decided there had to be another way. Over the past 13 months, I’ve embraced several alternative treatments- homeopathy, Reiki, a vegetarian diet, acupuncture, herbs, etc. Even though I believe I’m making the right choices for me, at some point on my journey I felt as if I needed additional guidance and direction. When my Reiki practitioner, Brad Dixon, told me about Sherri and her Manifestation with Angels Session, I knew she was an answer to a prayer. My Angels session with Sherri was absolutely amazing. Sherri knew things that she had no way of knowing other than receiving the information from the Angels. I know how important it is to “cut the cord” with people who are toxic (even if they are a family member) to bring healing back into my life. I was really amazed when she described someone in my life to a T and told me the cord connecting me with this person was wrapped around my body/neck (squeezing the life out of me.) I knew exactly who she was talking about. We asked Archangel Michael to cut the cord immediately. I received so much valuable information from her regarding not only my present and past, but also a glimpse into what the future holds for me. After our session ended, I felt so relaxed and at peace, I went home and slept for eight hours without waking up. I’m really looking forward to our next session. The messages I received from the Angels through Sherri completely put me at ease with all of the decisions I’ve made concerning my health. I know now that I’m going in the right direction to be completely well again.

I know that some will read her testimonial and immediately question its validity, yet Tricia knows of its truth. When we reach a place of knowing rather than proving, we are on our way home to God. Many of us talk about faith, yet few of us ever truly demonstrate it in real ways. It is interesting to me that many of those who criticized Tricia most harshly for believing there could be another way to respond to this disease were those who professed strong Christian faith. It is one thing to tell someone to weigh all of their options and consider the medical route, it is another to chastise them for making their own choice and having the faith to believe that miracles happen.

One of the things I noticed most about Tricia is that she does have conviction and peace about her decision and any possible outcome. In that sense, she has already achieved mastery, by knowing that we are one with God, the Universe, and each other - and understanding that illness or other struggles cannot take eternal life from us...that is already within us. Like Jesus, all of the great masters have communicated this sentiment - the idea that our troubles are not real (but just our own hell that we have created in our illusion of inadequacy), and that we can transcend all of the illusions and go to a place of inner peace and love whenever we are willing. Our "heaven" lies in the mastery of our fears. Tricia sees the cancer diagnosis as a blessing leading her toward her own greater growth. Like Louise Hay, she sees it as an opportunity rather than a curse. She does not fear it, rather she embraces it as a path toward her soul's ascension and has chosen to spend her time finding and following a better spiritual path, seeking an answer and a cure as to why it is there in the first place. She is not just attacking the symptom of the malady (the tumor),but is trying to find the root of it. It is worth considering that perhaps the reason that cancer tends to be a recurring disease that "you're never really cured from" is because we usually treat it as just tumor rather than seeking to understand the emotional issues that may have given rise to it. Instead of simply attacking the tumor, Tricia is going within and seeking answers as to why it is there in the first place. I am certain that Tricia will bless and teach many souls through her example of living in faith, and without fear. Please send her love and light for her courage to face the unknown with calm serenity.

Click here to link to Louise Hay's "You Can Heal Your Life" movie site & view the preview trailer.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Past Lives, Current Growth

Do you believe in past lives? Up until very recently, that subject has been avoided in our society, because discussing it would either get you mocked for believing in such nonsense or invite disdain from religious groups. The mere mention was enough to raise eyebrows or ignite harsh criticism. I remember how Shirley MacLaine's experiences provided such cocktail party humor back in the 1980's, yet even then I had a feeling that she was on to something.

About 10 years ago, I was given the book, Many Lives, Many Masters, by Dr. Brian Weiss, MD, a renowned psychiatrist then practicing in Miami, FL. Dr. Weiss had, in hypnosis work with a patient, stumbled upon what seemed to be past lives that she had experienced and was recalling very vividly, including fluently speaking foreign languages to which she had had no prior exposure. He was very intrigued by what seemed extremely real. But as a medical scientist, he had doubts that needed to be resolved, so he set out to investigate if any of the dates and facts that she had revealed during her hypnosis could be validated or proven. To his astonishment, specific instances that she had spoken of, and pertinent details that she could not have had knowledge of, were indeed provable. Dr. Weiss also noticed how this patient's emotional difficulties, for which she had been in years of therapy, started to dissolve as they delved into her past lives and made the correlation with her current problems. By simply revisting and seeing her repeated patterns, she could see what she was failing to learn and could change the behavior and dissolve recurring karma.

Although he was reluctant to "come out of the closet" with this information, fearing that his highly respected reputation in the medical community would be lost and his stature forever diminished, Dr. Weiss began perfecting and using this process of venturing into past lives for other patients, and became increasingly amazed at how quickly their problems resolved through past life regression and analysis. He became a pioneer for this type of therapy, in the medical community as well as the spiritual community, and is a multiple times best selling author with Hay House Publishing. His lectures are before packed audiences consisting of medical professionals as well as lay persons.

As I recall, much of the book talks about how we all have that ability to connect with our soul and our past, but we quickly forget it in this society that downplays it so strongly. Children often speak to spirit when they are young, as they remember the connection until they are told otherwise. Shortly after reading his book, my own young son, then about age 9, randomly said to me while we were driving to soccer practice, "Mommy, remember how before you're born they brainwash you before you come back?..." I was both astonished and mesmerized by this comment, and calmly asked him about what he meant. Apparently, he had heard the term "brainwash" and assumed that it meant cleaning your brain, because when I asked him to explain, he said, "You know, when they clean your brain so that you're ready to come back again to a new life." We had an open and free discussion about his thoughts and what he remembered, and I was careful to make sure that I did not say anything that would discourage him about the topic, as I knew that his recalling this at that point in time, when I had just read this book, was no accident. He was letting me know that it was very real, and that he was a special soul that could remember more than most and was connected more than most.

Denise Lynn, another Hay House author and spiritual teacher, has also done tremendous work in the area of past life regression and has witnessed physical illnesses, pain ailments, and emotional scars heal instantaneously in many subjects. Her story includes a spontenous opening to spiritual gifts after being victim of a violent attack that left her battered and near death. In that moment, she only saw her attacker in love and compassion, and in doing so, she was opened to tremendous gifts and has helped many on her journey.

What I find interesting about this topic is that it is so ignored by so much of society, and certainly so in most religious communities. And yet, to me, this is something we should celebrate and promote because it confirms the idea of eternal life! It may be ignored simply because it does not fit the tight boundaries of "heaven or hell" or the idea that you only get eternal life if you follow church rules, but what an incredible affirmation that we do indeed have eternal life!

Because of the spiritual experiences that I have had myself and those that I am honored to experience with others, I personally feel that we create our own hell in each experience by forgetting that life is eternal no matter what, by forgettnig that we are one with God and with each other, by forgetting to love and be loved unconditionally. That is the battle that creates our pain and our difficulties. It is the hell on earth that traps us in feelings of unworthiness... those feelings of imprisonment that we can't escape until we remember our goodness and perfection.

Just as most of the posts on this blog ask you to open your mind, this time I ask you to open your mind to the idea of past lives. There is much to gain from the knowledge and experiences there, as more and more evidence suggests. Work by Dr. Weiss, Denise Linn, and others in this area is remarkable.

Click here for Brian Weiss's site.
Click here for Denise Linn's site.

Note: In the Atlanta area, I can recommend Brad Dixon for hypnotherapy, including past life regression. (Brad also combines hypnotherapy with Reiki, with powerful results. This process has helped me very much in my own journey).
Click here for Brad's website/contact info.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Celebrating 45...

Today is my 45th birthday...Yea me! It has become common, almost customary, in our society to detest our birthday once we reach a "certain age" of maturity. Some shudder at the mention of age, and quickly change the subject or move to negative comments about gravity, wrinkles, "it ain't what it used to be", and regret for youth gone by. And although I have never been one to obsess over age or hide my age, our society has established long held beliefs about aging being a bad thing, particularly for women.

Knowing that our thoughts create our reality, and now even having scientific evidence to prove the effect of thoughts on matter, it is no surprise that as we age, we do begin to look and feel tired and worn. We see ourselves as less than we used to be, instead of more than we have ever been. Consequently, we get a product that is less than what it used to be...our thoughts produce our reality.

A year and a half ago, when I had a suddenly accelerated spiritual transformation, complete with a "life-before-my-eyes" experience where I touched the Divine momentarily and was left forever changed, I moved into a place of gratitude and one in which I saw my perfection rather than my inner perfection as well as my outer perfection. I began to look in the mirror and see light and goodness, rather than glaring imperfections. Touching God will do that to you - because God only sees our goodness, and when we are called up to him, he points it out with emphatic clarity. I believe that anyone who has truly touched God will have joy about them, and no matter what hardships set them back momentarily, will quickly rebound with that spirit and joy. Looking at those around me, it is obvious that many of us are woefully disconnected from that Source of love and light, often the most disconnected are those who think they are living in God's way, yet their heavy energy belies their pretense.

Since that life altering moment, the changes within my soul have been remarkable, with each step of acceptance and celebration of myself bringing new and powerful gifts that I still find hard to believe. The changes in my physical self have been noticeable as well. I immediately transformed my thoughts to love and acceptance, and my body transformed in the process. Almost effortlessly, I had energy to exercise regularly, the desire to eat more healthfully, and a glow over me that was noticeable to all around me. Pains and health issues began to dissolve away. It is that one step of acceptance and loving ourselves, knowing that we are loved unconditionally just as we are, that can transform us both inside and outside, that allows us to come into our own magnificence and finally be all that we came here to be.

If there is one thing that you can do for your body's health and your soul's evolution, it is to move to a space of self love...have your own "Yea me!" moments. That is a very hard step for many of us, because we have been conditioned to think that this is conceited or arrogant, yet if we do not love ourselves, we are not loving and appreciating the gifts that have been bestowed upon us. Look in your mirror and find one thing that you love about your appearance, declare it outloud, believe it. Once you get comfortable doing this, find another thing, and then another. When you have moments where you feel pulled back into that negative image, as we all do, keep finding the things to celebrate. See and accept your outer goodness as well as your inner goodness.

Then expect a transformation that will make you blossom before your own eyes. Expect others to see you in a new and brighter light and gain from the shining reflection that you exude. Expect yourself to begin to see others with new eyes, to see their perfection. Expect miracles from your change in perception. I assure you that miracles will be there in abundance.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Space Between

Several months ago, when I was well into the spiritual transformation that opened up so many gifts in me, I started hearing the song "The Space Between" by the Dave Matthews Band. I do not listen to the radio much, usually only in my car, which is not very often. That song was on several times in a row when I got in my car, enough to let me know that it was more than coincidence. One passage kept coming into my head at random times, even while dreaming. That part of the song was,

The Space Between
What's wrong and right
Is where you'll find me hiding, waiting for you

I could not get those lines out of my head. This went on for a few days, then one morning when the song came into my head, I also had the sudden thought to revisit some things I had read online, excerpts from "The God Code" by Gregg Braden. I had gone through moments where I was fascinated by this "sacred geometry" and "sacred numbers" that suggest a deeper code and meaning to scriptures and numerology, as if God communicates with us through these symbols with deeply embedded messages there at our fingertips if we dare to unravel them. One night, I had gotten consumed by this information and somehow, on some level, I understood it and knew that it was true. So suddenly, I thought about this "God Code" again and went to my computer.

A few minutes later, in what I call my "attention deficit" state of creativity, I got up and started pacing around the house, thinking deeply. From a stack of books in my living room, one book title jumped out at me from across the room..."The Divine Matrix" Gregg Braden...the same person who had written "The God Code" that had entranced me so. I had previously picked up "The Divine Matrix" and had no connection to it. I had felt that it was over my head with the scientific language so I had not picked it up again until that moment when it seemed to scream out at me from across the room.

When I noticed that it was by the same author as the "The God Code" which I had just moments earlier had some strange and sudden desire to look up again, I knew that this was a moment of being led down a trail to something important, just as I had been many times over the last year and a half of transformation. I opened "The Divine Matrix" and the title of the first chapter was "The Space Between." This gave me chills, as I felt the presence of Divinity and Holy Spirt in some form, leading me to this piece of information that was important for me to hear at that moment. Time stopped as I flipped through this book, rapidly absorbing its message. Surprisingly (or not surprisingly), the book which had previously seemed over my head suddenly made perfect sense to me. I was in the space of knowing, which only comes from following and allowing, from surrendering to a higher power and a higher knowledge.

As I read the book, I understood that there is an emptiness, a place between matter, that contains a universal energy with power beyond words. Scientist see this in an atom, where the power from the tiniest of things is immense if properly tapped. I feel it in experiences that I can only describe as Divine connection. Those lyrics of the song came through my head again, "The Space Between...What's wrong and right..Is where you'll find me hiding, waiting for you" and I knew in that instant that God (that universal life energy by whatever name we call it) lies between what we have set up as wrong and right. When we can let go of our strict ideas of good and bad and live in more loving acceptance, we will find God. It is the concept of laying down judgement, what Jesus and other masters have tried so hard to teach, that leads us to God, where we can tap into that universal power and heal ourselves, heal others. In finding that space between wrong and right, we can find the healing power of unconditional love. The problem is that we are so burdened by the need to label things as being good or bad, especially where God is concerned, that we cannot get to that space where He resides. Our need to be right keeps us from experiencing God's magificence in its fullest glory, keeps us from experiencing our own magnificence.

This trail of synchronicities that I followed is but one of many that happen to me regularly as I seek to understand God in a higher way. We have been told "Seek and ye shall find," and I know that this is true, yet so few of us truly seek anything beyond the norm, instead running from any idea that is outside or our comfortably crafted zones. In fact, we label those who do seek more as crazy, or worse, we attack them for suggesting that there is more. But there is a space between wrong and right that can lead you to your Higher Self where God resides, if you have the courage to seek it. In that willingness to surrender everything we have ever thought about God, we can ask Him to show himself to us in a truer way, a way that is real to us. Angels rejoice each time one of us reaches the space between, for they, along with all the spirits in heaven, are awaiting our return home.

(For more about Gregg Braden's revolutionary work uniting science with God and spirituality, visit his website through the link at right).

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Trapped In the Words

When I was about 12 years old, there was a couple at church who could be described as misfits. The man was very short and likely fell into the dwarf category, while the woman was not only very short and dwarf-like, but was also deaf & mute, with cleft pallet deformities from birth. I made quick friends with this woman, seeing through the eyes of a child, where outer appearance is less important than a person's inner light. And although she could hardly utter words at all, she taught me sign language and we were able to communicate very well. Unfortunately, this couple moved shortly after that, and I did not have a means to continue practicing sign language, but I still remember how it was a language of feeling rather than just words. I could communicate so well with her and she with me because we were not only forming words and letters with our hands, we were connecting energetically and feeling the language.

I realize now that my gift to communicate and feel intuitively was already alive even then, I was just not aware of it. I also know that our world is in the process of moving back to that energectic communication, and it is a place in which we can more powerfully and directly connect with God and Spirit. It will be a time where we live and feel truth, within ourselves and toward each other. That makes some people uneasy, because we seldom live our real truth in this world in which there are so many prescribed methods for what we are supposed to do and how we are supposed to think, but it will be a transition that changes the world and brings us to higher truth, and therefore real love.

Sanskrit is an ancient language that uses words/symbols to represent concepts rather than single words. In our very literal language of English, deep concepts require many words, and even with an abundance of words it is often difficult to sum up a simple sanskrit meaning accurately or completely. In my practice and study of Reiki, I have realized that the usage of the sanskrit symbols scares some people, as they ask, "What do the symbols mean?" or they fear that by having Reiki done that they are secretly worshipping something not of God through those symbols. However, we should remember that these sanskrit concepts are more of the language of Jesus than our current English translations of his words (or part of his words), representing peace and oneness with God, love, our fellow human beings, and the Universe.

Many people like to quote the Bible as not only the word of God, but the only word of God, as if God would have only spoken during that one period and then abandoned us for the rest of eternity, until the end of time. I find that idea ludicrous, not only because I do not believe God would abandon us, and my own communication with God confirms to me that He/She wants to communicate to us and through us to make our lives better and help us return to Eden. I also find that idea ludicrous and even laughable because our filtered and excessively translated English Bible does not even effectively represent the variety of meanings that the original sanskrit language conveyed, where feeling and personal interpretation was paramount. (For that matter, it does not even call Jesus by his real earthly name, Yeshua...How's that for accuracy?!). We get so trapped in debating literal words that we do not allow the feelings behind those words, the feelings that were lost in translation...and feeling is the energy of miracles.

If you take the time to study the sanskrit meanings of original passages, and how those interpretations were extremely limited by the English translations, you will understand that the Bible is woefully incomplete in its message, not to mention that there are over 50 gospels that the church and powers-that-be hid for almost 2000 years, sometimes killing to destroy those scriptures that could possibly give us deeper insight into the life and words of Jesus, a truer meaning of his message. It is no coincidence that so many people are being opened up to a deeper spirituality and being introduced to healing gifts in the last 10 years, since those documents (which had been found over 50 years earlier but kept sealed) were made publicly available, only after much pressure from a persistent public that knew there must be valuable information therein.

Those of us who truly want to know God more deeply should take the time to study these hidden gospels as well as words from new messengers who may have lessons from God, or better interpretations of previous ones. It does not hurt to read and consider alternate opinions to see what resonates with us - down in our soul, rather than just in the logic of our brain and its trained thoughts. Some get offended by the suggestion of reading the other gospels or reading new materials to challenge the old. If you are frightened or reluctant to do so or angered at the suggestion, I would ask that you consider why it brings up such negative and controlling emotions in you. If we never question what has been put before us, we are not really using the intelligence that we have been blessed with. If we never step outside of the limitations we perceive and allow ourselves to believe that there is something much more and much better, then we are not demonstrating the mustard seed of faith that we so often speak of, but are merely talking about it and pretending to have it rather than living it. True faith always expects a brighter world, and always expects that God is more than our small minds and limiting beliefs have diminshed him to, just as we are more than our small minds and trained thoughts have diminshed us to.

The links to the right of the page will lead you to some reading possibilities, and other posts in this blog will give you suggestions as well. Any comments on things that you read are very welcome. I have also posted links to blogs by some of my personal friends who are involved in healing arts, and who inspire me by their light and commitment.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Why Do We Have Angels?

Because of my connections to angels and angelic messages, I have been asked by a few curious people why we have angels and what are their purpose. Most people do not understand that angels are there to help us and serve us, but unless it is a critical situation about our lives or our Divine plan, where we have given them advance permission to intervene, they cannot step in to help us unless we ask. We have free will, and they are not able to intervene in our choices unless we seek their help.

Some of my friends have also asked why we would need angels if we have God. That is a reasonable question, especially given that our religions have diminshed angels and painted a picture where the idea of turning to any other sources for anything is somehow diminishing God, or "putting other gods before Him". Our religions only want us to seek God through them. We are taught not to seek in other avenues, which is unfortunate because angels offer us a path to God, helping us along our journey to find our wholeness, so that we can truly be one with God in a deeper, more personal way.

In the year AD 745, the Catholic Church, under Pope Zachary, became concerned that the public was connecting too much with angels and relying on them for their connection to God. Obviously, if congregants connect with God through angels, it diminshes the need for the church, so Pope Zachary took steps to extinguish the importance of angels. In particular, he demoted Archangel Uriel and called together a council which denounced all the angels who were not specifically named in the chosen scriptures. Archangel Uriel, whose name means "Light of God" and who is considered by many to perhaps be the angel closest to God, was denounced from the church. In some cases, artwork of Archangel Uriel was removed from churches following this denouncement. It was the church's fear of losing its own importance and stature, its own ego needs, that cut angels out of our lives, or at least diminshed their acceptance in the public's eyes.

And while Protestant Churches may not have been responsible for such a plotted extinction, none has brought angels back into their full glory or purpose. Surveys indicate that over 80% of people (of all religions) believe in angels and many have had actual experiences with angels, yet we still do not communicate with them, listen to them, or allow them to help us see from a higher perspective as much as we should. Those who talk to angels often do so quietly without telling anyone, because of fear of being mocked or challenged.

I see angels as an aspect of the Divine. The presence of God is so pure, strong, and of high frequency that we are not prepared to connect with it in its full glory for extended lengths of time. Angels are each elements of that pure force, allowing us a way to experience it on smaller scale, yet still incredibly powerful. By connecting with angels, we prepare ourselves to truly connect with God, with the Source of all that is. I liken it to astronauts having to re-adjust to the earth's atmosphere on their return from space...we must re-adjust to God's magnificence on our return to Him. Angels' guidance and support shows us the way to our Divine purpose, leads us on a better path, helps us correct ourselves on our journey so that we can find our Higher Selves - our Souls - and live out what we came here to do rather than just living the scripted, robotic lives that society has prescribed. This return to our true selves and our true purpose thereby returns us to Oneness with God. By ignoring angels and not calling on them, we ignore our own plan, ignore our own soul's longing to remember our Oneness with each other and with the Divine. The more we, as individuals, call on angels and rely on them for guidance, rather than on worldly or human direction alone, the closer we all become to a better world. The more of us who regularly call angels to earth, the more intense high-powered light we will invite to heal our collective wounds.

Ask your angels for help, ask them to speak to you, and you will feel their presence. It may be in direct voices from them, it may be in sychonistic events, it may be in pertinent phrases from the lips of others, or repeated song lyrics...but if you are open to messages from your angels, you will begin to hear them. It may not always be what you want to hear, but it will always be for your ultimate highest good. Miracles will begin to occur in your life and around you once you make this step to reconnect.

Please see more about angels on my website: