Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Waiting On the World To Change

Singer John Mayer had a hit song a few years ago, Waiting On The World To Change, which most of us are probably familiar with. It expresses how we, as mere individuals, wait around on the world to change because we feel powerless to make a difference. In a sense, our system and our society have made us feel that we are unable to make any measurable change by telling us that we need them to make our troubles go away.

Our politicians and leaders do it by making us believe we need their programs to solve our problems (when many of their programs and their deals create our problems)...our churches do it by making us think we need them to touch God (when some of their restrictions actually restrict our experience)...the mass media does it by making us think we need their products to make our lives worthwhile or their opinions to form our thoughts (when their products make us unhealthy and their opinions make us cynical). By telling us repeatedly that we are powerless without them, these entities create that reality in our minds...our thoughts produce our reality. In relinquishing our power to others, we become dependant upon them and beholden to their desires. We forget that we are powerful creators made in the image of God - the universal life force energy, the energy of creation.

This energy is the basis of miracles. These miracles are formed by our beliefs...again, thoughts creating reality. If we believe something, we are contributing to its creation. This is the foundation of faith, and why we have been told that if we have the tiniest of faith in something, it will transpire. Our doubts are all that prevent us from creating miracles and claiming the joy that we deserve, reclaiming Eden. Jesus tried to help us understand that we each have the power of miracles within us, but religion took "us" (the individual) out of the equation and usurped that innate power by convincing us that we needed them or needed to do it their way in order to reach God and claim our power and glory.

John Mayer's words express many of our inner sentiments and fears:

Now we see everything that's going wrong
With the world and those who lead it
We just feel like we don't have the means
To rise above and beat it

But a new day is dawning, as many of us feel called to search for more, to open our minds to a better way, to take our place in helping change the world rather than waiting around for someone else to do it. Our problems will not be solved by a president, by Congress, by organized religion, by the media, or other power-seeking groups - they may only exacerbate our problems, by becoming too caught up in maintaining their own power to be truly effective. Individuals will change the world, as the collective efforts become exponentially more powerful with each additional person who joins in new thought, or decides to lay down previously ingrained ideas to see a better way.

We do have the means to rise above and beat it- to rise above and beat the negative energy that prevents miracles and abundance - if we will only set ourselves free from the shackles and commit to thinking in a new way. If we will individually take the steps to embrace change, both within our own lives and within society in general. Let us take these steps to shake up the world - one thought at a time, one person at a time, one miracles at a time - by stepping outside our boundaries and deciding once and for all that we will no longer limit ourselves through weakening thoughts, that we will longer imprison our souls with doubt and fear.

You can be part of changing the world, if you will simply allow yourself to be open to new thoughts and new know you have a purpose and place in this endeavor that is beyond living in the routine. We can make a difference, but it will only come through hearts willing to return to their own power through the force of pure love. Open up your heart and mind to seize the opportunity.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Facebook Communication Difficulties

For those on my facebook fanpage "Seeing Miracles Every Day: A Course In Miracles," or my personal facebook page, those accounts were disabled today and I do not yet know why. It has been frustrating to say the least! I do not yet know if my page will be retrieved, and if it is, whether or not any content or any of the 13,000 plus fans on the page will still be connected to it. I have come to rely on that page as my touch point - a place where I not only share info that seems to uplift others, but where I get uplifted as well, so I hope that it will be restored soon to its previous status and members intact. This has been a trying week on several fronts, so please hold me in the light and say a prayer to rejuvenate me!

With much love and gratitude,

NOTE: For those interested in the "Awakening the Angel Within" mentor program, please scroll down to info below.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Awakening the Angel Within

A mentor program for greater connection with your Higher Self…your inner angel.
Facilitated by Sherri Lane

Last week on my radio show, Awakening to Angels & Spirit, I announced a mentor program that I was contemplating putting together for those who wished to open up to spirit in a guided way, with a little "spiritual hand-holding" from me. This idea was brought to me by a dear friend who has been a hand-holder to me on my path, and I to her. At first, I balked at the suggestion. I did not particularly care for the label of "mentor" or the pressure that it might imply! She gently reminded me that I have been acting as a mentor to many for several years, just not in a formal way of a program. I realized that is may be the answer to my asking for the means to continue the work that I do, which has been financed almost entirely out of my own pocket for several years now, but which wouldn't be able to continue without some other revenue. As I released my own fears and hesitance, the program began to unfold. I realized that so many aspects were exactly in alignment with some of the visions I had seen and held at earlier times, as I moved down my own path of growth. So I will be offering this program beginning in early October through early December - and I see it as a push toward all the energies of 2012 - and using the already intensifying energies that are here now to help us through that portal.

The purpose of this program is provide step-by-step guidance to allow participants to open up to angels and spirit in a greater way in their day-to-day lives. It will be held via phone/conference call/internet, so anyone anywhere who has access to those connections will be able to register and participate. By being committed to the program and exercises, participants will be declaring to God, Spirit, Angels, and the Universe that they are ready for more – and are willing to take steps to allow and promote their own growth. There is no doubt in my mind that lives will be changed and life paths redirected. Those open and sincere about their progression will be guided for better alignment with Higher Self, to get more on course with their Soul Purpose. As we approach 2012, energies are intensifying and shifting. We can feel it – but we don’t always know how to get aligned with it. Doing so brings upon miracles, so for those who step up in this way—-to offer themselves as vessels, there will be miracles and new gifts that open. Join us….We are each stronger by our connection…Now is your time to answer the call. DUE TO THE PERSONAL NATURE AND ONE-ON-ONE TIME INVOLVED - SPACE IS LIMITED!! Register soon!

Following is a tentative schedule. It may be altered as Spirit leads, but the crux of the course will follow this general plan or focus. Group calls will be done via Skype (which is free to join, making the calls free for participants) with specific dates or times TBD…but calls will also be recorded/recordable for those who cannot make it on that particular call or at that time. (Sunday afternoon is a likely time for group calls, since it may be a time when most people are free to listen live). The program will begin in early October and run through early December….allowing perfect timing for celebrating over the holidays and welcoming in 2012 from your Higher Place!

Week 1: Personal Intuitive Reading from Sherri
During this week, I will conduct intensive one-on-one personal intuitive readings with each participant via phone. These readings are about 1-1/2 hour total and will allow messages from Angels and Spirit revealing your path or what you most need to focus on now for your spiritual growth. Through this reading you will be able to declare your intention to move forward, as well as set the intention for what you wish to gain from the course. (For more info about readings, visit my site, - and read about "Manifesting with Angels" sessions).

Week 2: Clearing Your Energy and Your Space
Group call that will work through space clearing and energy clearing. We will focus on clearing the third eye…energy blessings for our space, water, & food. A buddy system will be coordinated to pair up participants for some of the exercises in the course. Our connections in these pairs, as well as the group activities will strengthen us… "where ever two or more are gathered.” Each of our intentions will be strengthened by the whole, and each participant will add to the power of the whole.

Week 3: Cord Cutting – Releasing to the Light

Group call to cut those cords that hold us back, as individuals and collectively. The cord cutting exercise will be through guided meditation. It will be preceded by necessary space/energy clearing…and followed by grounding and protection, that we might bring light into our lives and into the world more powerfully. Many transformations can come when we decide and declare that we wish to break free from the negative “chains” that bind us or hold us back, and when we ask for help from Angels and Spirit. This is another area where the group energy and the collective “asking” will bring great power, as each person asks for themselves, for their “buddy” and for the group.

Week 4: Past Life Regression
Another guided meditation which will allow us to touch on past life experiences for growth. Participants will first practice their own ability to see/feel past lives – first with their buddies and then as a group for a deeper look. In the “buddy exercise” participants will “see” and “feel” images or info for their partner…this info can then be emailed to Sherri for further insight into the meaning. This exercise will bring out each person’s intuitive abilities, as we each have that ability, but it goes dormant from misuse. This will awaken that gift – and by doing the exercise, each person will again be asking for more in the way of gifts and awakening. Glimpses of past lives can not only give us insight and clarity into our current situation, but they also allow us to “change” or heal the situation, sometimes instantaneously. Growth can be immense.

Week 5: Developing Greater Intuition
This week’s exercises will also begin with a “buddy exercise” where we coax out intuitive abilities. Images from these readings can be shared in the group call and interpreted or expanded in that group call (Sherri will assist to give examples of how images might be interpreted).

Week 6: Sacred Space & The Power of Group Intention
A “Sacred Space” will be visited or created by each participant to absorb, meditate, and revive. We will each offer up our own intentions (privately or openly) to be supported by the group in intention. We will also choose a “world issue,” or perhaps more than one, to focus on during our sacred space time, to send healing in a big way – to acknowledge the pain that is behind the problem, love it, and release it. We will also have other exercises on intention and manifesting – to make us not only more aware, but more committed to being clear on what we are creating.

Week 7: Using Tools to Enhance Our Communication with Spirit
This week’s focus will be on using tools to enhance our gifts or allow easy communication with Angels/Spirit. These may include oracle cards, pendulums, crystals, angel books, or nature symbols to open our channels of communication.

Week 8: The Awakened Angel
I am very much looking forward to this week, because it will allow me to use healing energy and symbols that were given to me by angels in visions several years ago. At that time, as I saw glimpses of my purpose and path, I had already begun studying Reiki and had reached the Master and Karuna levels. I was given new symbols that were to connect people in healing angel energy. It is much like traditional Reiki, yet has some nuances – and is made very simple and non-intimidating to those who may be unsure about Reiki or intimidated about what it means or what the symbols mean. It will also enhance any Reiki or energy healing that someone has already opened up to. I have attuned a few people with this energy and it has worked well…but I knew that it was not time to really put it out there….This course is the perfect timing and the perfect venue to bring this energy to others who are ready to more fully Awaken the Angel that is already within them.

Week 9: Follow up call or correspondence with Sherri
Following completion of the course, each participant will have the opportunity to schedule a private follow up session with me– approximately 15-20 minutes – to revisit their intentions and adjust, or receive any new messages to guide them in the next step. At this point, most should be able to feel their own messages in a greater way, so this time can be to simply affirm or direct what is already being revealed from Higher Self, from Angels, and from Spirit.

(Can be made via paypal in two payments of $222 if necessary….first payment as a deposit to register and hold space….second payment due before the beginning of the course). Not only did this number come to me instantaneously when I began laying this out – and of course, the “444’ makes sense in “angel number speak” because it means thousands of angels are surrounding you or surrounding a situation…. But it was also the immediate response that I received when running it by the friend who had suggested I do a mentor program…without her knowing what I had felt. Not only do I think it is a fair cost, but I think it is a great value at this price, especially when I look back on the workshops and courses that I did when I sought similar growth opportunities on my own path.

Ask, and it shall be given. If you put your pure intention toward participating in this course and you mean to become a greater light for the world around you, I believe the financial means to do so will unfold.

SPACE IS LIMITED!!!... and is on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED basis. To register, email Sherri at to hold your space. Information and an invoice will be emailed to you to confirm your spot!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Navigating the Storms

I have not posted on this blog site for quite a while. My book, Setting God Free: Awakening to Miracles was published a few months ago, and in almost exact synchronicity, complications arose in my life (or at least in the lives of some around me) which caused me to feel pain, grief, and frustration. It seemed that the closer I got to some sort of victory, or the more I gave of myself, the more strife came toward me. In the spiritual world, the ideas of the laws of attraction tell us that we attract what we put out, but another element of the laws of attraction is that the closer we get to what it is we desire, the more opposites will also come our way, as opportunities to give some final release that will open new doors and gateways. Just when we are about to touch what it is we have set out to create, its opposite will show up. Perhaps this is to allow us to dig down into our faith to fuel the rest of the miracle, or to fuel a greater one. It is easy to talk about faith when things run smoothly, but to remain steadfast to our purpose even through rough waters, through repeated storms, is a different kind of faith.

After my book came out, my faith was tested, not only with deeply emotional issues, but in looking at my response to those things and what they might be teaching me. These events required me to be able to love without getting drained. There were financial struggles, calling for me to navigate a sea of obligation while still steering my ship in the direction of my purpose and my dreams. My journey for the last several years has required faith, required going against the grain, taking leaps that might not make sense in the worldly ways, quite often feeling alone and without much support. All of that got ratcheted up when my book was published - getting in the way of my focus. I bounced between clarity and confusion, determination and defeat, but I never totally left my course.

Two month ago, through these difficulties, I started hosting an online radio show that would allow me to share my gifts further, and also to put them "out there" in a bigger way, not worrying about what others would think. On the show, Awakening to Angels & Spirit, I give spiritual insights and then devote most of the show to intuitive "readings" for callers, helping them rely on angels & spirit for guidance, offering myself as a vessel for those messages. The show, like the book, required financial investment from me. It was at a time when I had drained myself financially on this journey of discovering my gifts and sharing them. This was an even greater leap, because it put me on the spot, where I publicly stepped into an arena that is often criticized and mocked. Even though I had fears about whether or not I could do it, I felt such a force and energy behind me that I readily committed to it and didn't look back.

So many times, I have been told that I have changed someone's life. That is uplifting and humbling at the same time - humbling because I know that it came from a Source that is greater than my imagination or my ability to comprehend at this point in my evolution. But as I stepped forward and began the radio show, it seemed that even more hardship came my way. More doses of heartbreaking experiences, more doses of financial upheaval. But I have stayed the journey so far.

Throughout these latest twists and turns, one part of me that has been affected significantly has been my writing. I have been able to post small things on my facebook fanpage (Seeing Miracles Every Day: A Course In Miracles), but have not been able to comprise anything of measure. I have been in a drought. This last week brought another disappointment. I felt broken, but rather than fighting the feeling, I surrendered. My surrender was not in the way that we often think of surrender - of giving up, howiever; what I surrendered was not the goodness, but the fear. I surrendered to a higher power and to all the miracles that can work from that space. I let go -- again! -- of elements of fear that were still inside me, lurking and trying to hide so that they could come out later. I dug into myself to find more traces of doubt -- more traces of unworthiness -- more lingering bits of some belief that I did not deserve the wonders of heaven. I purged. I asked God to once again strike me with the lightning bolt of enlightenment - and this time in an even deeper way because of the growth that I had already received on this journey. I asked to again be lifted up to that space of all-knowing peace that set me on this ride to begin with. I promised I would be willing to share or make myself available for that if it was meant to be.

I asked and I received. A peace and joy came over me where I could see the path - see the miracles and the promise ahead, and this time, it has stayed. It has not been moments that have flashed and then dwindled -- it has lingered and grown. So I continue on my journey for now, not knowing exactly where it will take me, ready to shift and change direction as needed, but here -- and feeling on course again -- at least for the moment, and that is all I can concern myself with. The moment is where our power lies.

As Louisa May Alcott said, "I am learning to sail my ship." The storms may come and they may scare me, but each one teaches me. And each one gets me closer to the Promised Land. It is within my glimpse and it is beautiful beyond expression.