Friday, July 23, 2010

Growing Young

It takes a long time to grow young.~Pablo Picasso

Tomorrow is my 47th birthday and it is already the best ever! Through our conditioning, we have been taught to dread birthdays or not be too celebratory once we are "of a certain age," but I embrace them as growing young, not growing old. Life gives us many opportunities to get to a place of realizing that we are victims only of our own fears, our own illusions that have been handed down to us and which we have readily accepted. But when we realize the Truth about our voluntary imprisonment, and that freedom is there for the taking, there is a joy that is beyond what we ever could have imagined. In that moment, we begin to grow young again. I have experienced this vividly, especially over the last 3 or 4 years, and I have watched it in others, so I know that it is there for each of us, as soon as we are ready to accept it.

Through letting go of the need to control, be right, or live life in that carefully measured box of what society says we should strive for - by being willing to color outside the lines, truly and not just superficially -- I have been given a new lease on life. Gifts have been opened up within me which were there all along, but I could not see, or that I was afraid to release because of being different. I have seen some relationships drift away or change or be revealed in greater light, sometimes painfully at first, but always resulting in the peace of Truth...and that void has been filled with new friends, new discoveries, and heightened relationships that are ensconced in real love, joy, and acceptance.

Living as our true selves makes us young again. It no longer matters what numerical age we are, because our real age is within our hearts, shining through the love we share with one another. God restores our youth and vitality in the instant we remember our perfection, our true beauty, our Oneness with Him and with the Universe.

Today, feel young again. Whatever your troubles or cares, whatever your financial worries, whatever your job stress, or whatever load you have upon you today, let it go, even if only for a little while. Let go, and let God renew. Grow young again, laugh for a moment, remember joy, and be grateful for all that the Universe has brought you, knowing that all of it is supporting your journey back to your highest and best self.

Happy Re-birth-day to all!