Thursday, January 29, 2009

Are You God?

I was part of a Wayne Dyer online event two nights ago and there were many lines that touched me. Most were of a similar nature to things that I have learned or said myself, but there is something about the combined energy that sometimes makes spiritual truths resonate deeper, and this man's voice and gentle soul have a unique way of connecting. I have also been putting great effort into getting re-focused lately and I can feel the shift back into a place of greater connection, so I think these thoughts and ideas came through even stronger to reiterate their importance in this moment, both for me and others.

One part that stood out to me was Wayne quoting someone he had encountered a long time ago who asked, "Are You God?," with the daring answer back to them, "Yes, and the only difference in you and me is that I know it." Our religions have led us to believe this sort of thinking is wrong or even blasphemous, yet Jesus himself tried very hard to convince followers of the very same thing, knowing that its truth would set them free. In his statements, "I and the Father are one," he conveyed this exact idea, wanting us to understand that we are part of God, we ARE God, and we CANNOT be apart from God...only our own thoughts and limitations prevent us from touching our Divinity. Our truest nature is of this Divinity, but we convince ourselves, with the help of others, that we are woefully flawed and unworthy. Our thoughts create our reality, and we spiral into becoming flawed and unworthy, never fulfilling our Divine purpose or our true greatness.

Wayne's message, although not an entirely new one, was "Surrender to God and let it flow". It is as simple as that, yet we fight it our entire lives. Surrendering to God does not mean joining a church, or being present on the pew every Sunday morning. No church is necessaryy, no person or material outside of your true self is required. You have it within you, and have had it all along. Remembering your Divinity is the only step that is needed to step into it and become it - to fix your life and claim your rightful place as a shining light.

Jesus said, "I AM the Light of the world," but he also reminded us that WE ARE each the LIGHT of the world. Remember and believe this and you will become the shining light that you were meant to be.

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