Thursday, April 2, 2009

Going Out On A Limb

A few days ago, I wrote a post about an article that I had read in which a governing body of Catholic Bishops had basically denounced the practice of Reiki and called it "dangerous". That article escalated a frustration that I have had for some time about how the leaders of Christianity (and many Christian individuals) block and condemn anything that might get in the way of their power base.

Since that posting, I have thought more about devoutly Christian people that I have provided Reiki services for who have been positively blessed and even overwhelmed by the loving energy of Reiki. Many have told me that it was the closest to God that they had ever felt, and that they could see in that moment of "knowing" that it did not contradict their belief and faith in God or Jesus at all, but actually made it stronger and more real than it had ever been. Some have said that although they may have felt God's presence strongly at other significant times in their lives,the experience during their Reiki session with me (or others) was more powerful than any other experience they had ever had. Some had tears of joy and a feeling of love and perfection that had previously been unknown to them, even in a church setting.

The interesting thing is that some of these same people were still reluctant to share the experience with their ministers or others in their church, for fear that it would not be accepted as God, even though they had no doubts of their own experience. Some felt that those at church "just wouldn't get it", even while wishing that the others could experience the peace and love that they felt. I have had many religious discussions with those that I have provided Reiki for, and most of those discussions were in sadness that Christianity or other organized religions approached such subjects with closed minds, even if many of their followers have received powerful benefits from it. Many individuals still feel that they need to keep quiet about it at church.

My wish is that more people will speak up in their churches, synagogues, or other houses of worship. Removing some of the religious roadblocks could prove to be tremendous in the lives of many. If we, one by one, stand up and share our belief that God has given us each the power to heal ourselves and one another through many avenues, we can make a difference. If we simply have the courage to share our experiences with many, to explain how God resides within each of us and is waiting to be set free, then I believe we will change the world. The sooner we step outside of our fears, the sooner we will achieve this, the less we will suffer individually, and the less we will suffer collectively.

Have the courage to look beyond the constraints that our religions and our society have placed upon us...Ask God for more...Tell God that you are ready and willing to have a more real experience and be part of a better world, then look for ways to do so...Surrender to a Higher Self and a more Divine experience, and be free to be all that you can be. Somewhere inside, I believe that each of us knows there is more, and it is time to embrace that experience regardless of what others might say to hold us back. Have courage to be different, the courage to go out on a limb and share ideas that may be different. Jesus did, and if you lack that courage, Jesus and Angels can help you find it...just ask.

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