Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Is It All A Lie?

A few years ago, I was in an workshop put on by Sonia Choquette working with changing your vibration in order to achieve more sensory perception and joy. Sonia is a best-selling author with Hay House Publishing and is very entertaining. I remember laughing and feeling a lot of excitement and joy in the room, and learning how vibration can be a key element in a person's spiritual evolution.

But what I remember most from the workshop is not the exercises that we did, but a story she told about a client that she had worked with who was dying of cancer. This woman had been a client for quite some time, so Sonia knew her fairly well, or thought she did. The client was a woman who had had a wonderful and exemplary life...she had an enduring marriage and great financial success, four wonderful children who had gone into successful careers and lives, she had been a fabulous hostess, volunteer, dedicated church member, and model citizen...a life and legacy that most would envy. But during one visit, the client had asked Sonia, "How do I tell them?" Sonia thought she meant, "How do I tell them I am dying of cancer?"...but when she started to offer her best answer, the client interrupted her, and said, "No..I am at peace with the cancer and talking about that... I mean, how do I tell them it was all a lie?...That I never did what I came here to do...that it was a life wasted?" and proceeded to explain how she had never really been herself but had spent her lifetime pleasing others, never having the courage to make changes because she had a life that most would envy.

She was on her deathbed wondering why she had not been her true self, but had instead succumbed to the "ideal life" that we all are taught to strive for. She had deep regret that she had not lived out her real life purpose because of settling for the lifestyle, because of letting the world decide her happiness.

When I heard this story, it hit me in my gut, resonating deep within my solar plexus, ringing loudly in my ears. That line, "How do I tell them it was all a lie?" echoed in my head, as I realized that my life had been much of the same, through no real (or at least not intentional) fault of my own or those around me, but instead through the societal ideals that are put forth for us which never really encourage us to explore, which work hard to keep us within tight boundaries, marching to that same drum. I had let myself be lulled into the my life, put to sleep, so to speak, through the repetitve lull of routine or expectation.

Since that workshop, I have thought of that line many times. It was a moment that has kept me on course in being different, in accepting unusual gifts, in being willing to go out on a limb or risk others' disapproval or questioning. While I had already been doing that to some extent, that message was like a loud roar, asking me to find and live my true purpose. I did not want to one day be on my own deathbed and look back to realize that it was all a lie, or that I had come here with a purpose but had never truly sought it, never found it, never lived up to it.

I have a feeling that there are many others who feel at a crossroads about their seemingly good lives, knowing that there is more on their lifeplan, that they have a greater purpose. There is unrest, but it is a good unrest. We are familiar with saying that truth will set you free, yet few of us really live in truth, in that deep and soulful truth. When we do live in that place, it is unmistakable. We have joy that exudes from us. When we get out of that place, something always seem a little off, small things agitate us, we are not our true selves, and we are certainly not our highest selves. We often assess our lives based on the outward illusions, sometimes finding bits of happiness or contentment within those confines, but not finding supreme joy, a joy that comes from living in harmony with your soul and purpose.

But as I have written so many times on this blog or elsewhere, there is a path home. There is a way out. It may not be entirely easy and it may take you time to find it, but it will give you joy, and it is there if you ask and follow.

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Marion said...

I am very happy I found your blog...a miracle for today!

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Sherri said...


I would love for you to link to my blog! I will do the same to yours. Those of us who have experience a new kind of connection and have seen miracles from it need to do what we can to connect with each other and to pass the experiences along to others. I am so glad you found my blog and that you enjoyed it.

Love and light,