Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Patience or Procrastination?

Patience has been considered a virtue in life. It is certainly an ability or mindset that we should develop. But many times, there is a fine line between patience and procrastination - when it becomes avoidance. Sometimes, we ask for or pray for what we need, then sit back and tell ourselves it is okay, just be patient. We wait and wait for something to happen, ignoring opportunities that are presented to us to MAKE it happen.

A while back I wrote a post that talked about waiting to be rescued...missing the signs or opportunities that God sends us to be rescued while telling ourselves that we are waiting for God in faith. Our patience and faith become obstacles to utilizing the things that are sent our way to help us get exactly what we need. When I work with individuals in their spiritual growth and healing, I often see these habits. The person has a need that they want to be met or a problem that they want to be fixed. They believe that it will happen...they have faith, and tell themselves to be patient, that God is helping them. They truly believe that, and they SHOULD believe it, because it is true. But then they wait and wait for the new job, for the help with financial difficulties, for the assistance in dealing with a problematic relationship or situation, for physical healing. They wait...and they wait...and they wait.

Meanwhile, they miss or ignore opportunities that are right in front of them...not applying for jobs, not curtailing their spending or downsizing their lifestyles, not confronting those who are taking advantage of them, not taking steps to get healthier, not making changes to their own habits or actions. One thing that has become obvious to me, with this "spiritual vision" that I have, is that God ALWAYS sends us the opportunities to latch on to our miracles, we simply can't or won't see them. Anything that is outside of our norms or against what we feel totally comfortable with gets ignored, even if it can be our solution, our new life, our awakening. We sit waiting for something to be done, telling ourselves that we are being patient (and therefore virtuous), when often, we are just procrastinating about doing anything ourselves. I find myself doing this many times, and I also see others doing it.

Recently, I had a fortune cookie that said, "Procrastination is nothing more than the fear of success." I think this is so true. Our fears are Ego trying to hold us back (not the "pride" kind of ego that we commonly think of, but the energy of fear that causes negative emotions like anger, jealously, greed). The "Ego" part of us talks our Higher Self (our greatest potential) out of moving forward. It wants to keep us stuck in the norms and routines of society that make us like robots, and block our true spiritual breakthroughs - stopping us from living up to our Divine Purpose.

In contrast to the people that I have worked with in their spiritual growth who miss the signs or procrastinate on acting upon them, I also see those who heed the signs, listen to the messages, and take action. These are the individuals who have the instantaneous breakthroughs and experience powerful examples of immediate healing and life improvement. It is simply a matter of being willing to take the necessary steps to change. Rather than procrastinating, they take action, follow signs, and see the changes, understanding that God/Angels/Spirit have a better view and vantage point on their situation, so they ask for signs, listen to answers, then move forward in faith by doing the things they need to do to gain improvement, to take charge of their lives, to step into their true self and purpose.

Examine the areas in your life that you are waiting to be "fixed" and do an honest assessment of whether you are being patient or procrastinating. Are you doing things and making choices to make situations better while also understanding that it may take time (patience), or are you asking for help but doing nothing on your own to really deal with your issues (procrastination). The big difference is (yet another "P" word)... "PRODUCTIVITY". I think, in general, most of us fall into the procrastination category for much of our lives. When we step into the "productive but patient" arena, we can eliminate the procrastination, while also showing faith through our patience. Our problems may not be solved in an instant every time, but we will be making progress toward their solutions through our willingness to heed the signs, answer the call, and seize the opportunities.

Open your mind to see and take advantage of opportunities that are presented to you. Take charge of your life by taking your charge of your solutions. You will be amazed at how quickly you will see your new and more beautiful life take shape.


BK said...

People often mistaken faith for blind faith. While they have faith in the Greater being in the Universe, they wait for the signs. And these signs come in the form of opportunities. If they just have blind faith, they will see these opportunities as obstacles. Those who have faith will see these opportunities as 'doors' to their destination. One must have faith but not blind faith.

Sherri said...

That is a great point, BK. I wrote another post about that topic, "Are You Waiting To Be Rescued?" (Aug 4, 2009).
It is a little story about asking God to help, then ingoring all of the help that God sends. Thanks for your comments.