Monday, February 22, 2010

Identifying Your "Downers"

When we talk about letting go of the things that are holding us back, we often have a hard time identifying them. Partly it is because there are certain things that we think are "givens" in our lives - that we cannot possibly let go of. We don't even consider that these may be areas we need to change or step away from.

Sometimes this may be people that keep us heavy or feeling entangled, sometimes it is circumstances - job, where we live, financial situations,health problems - but most everything in our lives can be changed if we really want to. You may have a job that you hate but feel like you have no choice. While it may be true that you cannot leave in this instant, you can certainly do things to prepare for a future change. While you may assume that you have to live where you do, there may be other options that could be considered if you really want to do something different. You may worry about health issues, but fail to make changes to your habits...Worry about finance problems, but not eliminate the behavior that may have contributed to them. It is so often our failure to change that keeps us in "problems", but the problems are merely indicators that we need changes.

I run across so many people who say they want change in their lives - want less stress, want to have more meaning - yet keep doing exactly what they have always done. I have been in that place before as well, and still find myself migrating there at times. It is our conditioning, and we sometimes feel obligated to continue it. Eistein has been attributed as saying, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results". Many of us live our lives this way; I know I certainly have in many areas, but it is not so hard to change that practice it if you really want to. Change is what allows us to grow. If we are not becoming more, we need change.

The first step is identifying the areas that need alteration. This is often the hardest part - but hard only because we ignore many of these areas, not wanting to consider possible change. This may be relationships that bring us down, work situations, financial challenges, routines that we are stuck in. But we generally have internal indicators that should be recognized as signs to us that these things are not serving us, or that our attachment to them is not contributing to our greater good. It is only when we are in our highest vibration that we can affect others most powerfully, or that we can affect our own lives and manifest our destinies - so it does not serve us or anyone around us when we stay attached to things that keep us down. The martyr syndrome does nothing to advance our purpose, nor does believing that we are less than what we really are, or that we should settle for mediocrity, or stay in negative, burdensome situations.

Become conscious of the indicators of stress or heaviness in your life, then identify the things that trigger those feelings. Also identify the things that give you joy, so that you will know the direction that might serve you better. You will then have the answers for what needs change or release. If you ask for the answers, they will be given to you...then the choice is yours for what you are willing to change. Have courage, be brave. Your higher self, your destiny, is waiting.

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