Thursday, June 24, 2010

Love the...Oil??

A couple of weeks ago, as I visited the Gulf Coast with a friend, I wrote a post about the oil spill and how the most important thing we can do is "Love Them Anyway". Our anger at who caused it or who is to blame does not help generate the energy that is needed to create miracles and solutions. I believe that there will be time later to resolve what happened and hopefully learn from it, but the focus now needs to be on how we fix it and protect the ocean and the wildlife, also restoring livelihood fishermen and others who have been so hurt by the crisis. My thoughts about sending love to the BP employees who are working to find a solution - sending love to the "bad guys" cause one or two raised eyebrows (and accusations of smoking crack! :), but many understood that what we give off, we get back. If we want miracles, we have to heal first, with love...we have to BE the miracle, in our hearts.

My friend Cathy DiDonato sent me a message on facebook yesterday which I thought hit on such an important but forgotten part of this vibrational equation. While many of us are trying to lift up and heal this situation through positive thoughts and prayers, her thought was that we should not forget about sending positive energy to the oil, which is also from our Earth but just displaced. Knowing that EVERYTHING has vibration, she had a thought about the oil needing our good thoughts and prayers too. I think Cathy is on to something, not just with respect to this oil crises,but in the way we behave in general. When we open our minds to the good of every situation rather than the bad, it makes us better people, heals our hatred and fear.

Here is Cathy's message to me:

I am having this thought over and over again. Call me crazy...Please let me know what you think. I’ve been thinking a lot about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Collective prayers for the water are being sent by many. Research done by Masaru Emoto have proven that these prayers are well received. During meditation I was made aware of the fact that we are only praying for part of the issue. The oil that is spilling into the ocean waters also have its place in nature, in Mother Earth and is being displaced. Does the oil have its own consciousness? Its own vibration? Is it also in need of prayers? I think that including the oil that is spilling into the Gulf in our prayers and returning it to the Earth where it rightfully belongs is going to be key in coming up with resolutions. The water belongs where it is and the oil also belongs (somewhere) where it is not.

Wow! What a beautiful perspective.

Most all of us, in industrialized nations at least, use oil..whether it is to drive our cars, travel on airplanes, purchase goods that were transported by truck, or using plastic (not just in our food purchases, but in our computers, televisions, vehicles, and all around us)...we all use oil. Yet "oil" gets such a bad name and is spoken of with such a vile energy and vibration from so many. This spill has magnified that, as we see the images of "ugly" oil on birds and beaches, we almost automatically begin to feel that the oil itself is bad. Perhaps during this time where oil is considered the bad element, we should be grateful for all that it does for us, understand that we have created a need for oil drilling....and, as Cathy said, pray for the oil. Give gratitude for a coming solution, and thanks for all that oil provides us. We can make a promise to conserve it more, and do our part to make the demand less.

We are bigger than the crisis, if we will open our hearts to be so. When we look beyond the common snapshot in any situation, we are more likely to find truth, then miracles. Thank you so much, Cathy, for your inspiring thoughts...and being brave enough to share them!

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