Friday, April 25, 2008

Does Time Heal All Wounds?

The phrase, Time heals all wounds, is one that most of us have heard and accepted in our lives in some way or another. The idea that time will make the hurt go away is a comforting one, yet I don't believe that it is true. The healing work that I do which deals with physical and emotional repair would say otherwise. I have noticed that a person's physical, mental, and emotional difficulties, the things that block them being their very best, are often rooted in the tiniest of matters that may have hurt them from long ago. The suppression of these wounds, over time, causes our emotional pain, our failures, and oftentimes, our physical illness.

It seems that time buries all wounds, but it doesn' t heal heals them. I am not referring to the romantic kind of love (although that can be very healing!), or even the love of friendship, which also helps us be our best. But the deepest kind of love, and the one that creates the greatest miracles, is love of ourselves...and accepting that we are loved by God exactly as we are. Once we can love ourselves, we begin to love everyone around us, we begin to look at others not for their failures, but for their beauty and their goodness. Doing so magnifies our own goodness and we are blessed from it.

Our culture has taught us that we are on some level unloveable, or that we are never quite good enough. Yet God sees us as the perfect creatures that He created us to be. Religion chastises us for being "bad", and even when we are being "good" (as in coming to church and being active), attempts to convince us that we still aren't quite worthy of God's pure love...that we need greater works and deeds to prove our worthiness....that we will never be quite good enough to be deserving of God's wonder.

It is a shame that the institution that is supposed to connect us with God so often leads us in the other direction. And yet, most of those who are teaching it have the best of intentions, but they too are disconnected to some degree. Until we realize our love from God is constant no matter where we are in life or what we do, we will continue to suppress those old wounds, those old feelings of inadequacy, and will continue to have health or emotional issues or behave in error because of it. Until we see perfection in ourselves and others, our lives will be imperfect, and those feelings will manifest in our emptiness, in our physical problems, and in our emotional obstacles. This step in reconnecting with God and remembering our goodness is the first step in healing, on any level, and it is worth the journey. Doing so will change your life and will change those around you. Seek ways to reconnect with your deeper, greater, higher self, and you will begin to see miracles all around.

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