Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Opening Your Life to Miracles

The healing power of pure love is magnificent, and I have been blessed to see so many miracles through it, for myself and those that I have been able to touch. I truly stand in awe on a regular basis! For me, this healing power came through an awakening. I had been a "spiritual seeker" for some time, reading books and practicing many principals of Spirituality, seeking and getting a closer connection to God. And although I had always followed religion and got some benefits from its practices, I knew that there was something more, so I sought to find it.

One of the great things that I was led to was the practice of the ancient healing art of Reiki (pronounced "ray-KEE"). For me, it is simply allowing God's pure love to flow through me to the recipient. This practice not only brought on profound changes in my own life, it also opened up the ability to share that loving energy to help others connect, to see miracles in their own lives. On my website ( , I have answered many common questions about Reiki, its healing power, and the gifts it opened up in me. On this blogsite, I will share miracles that I have experienced for myself and with others and give insight into how to open yourself up to daily miracles.

Albert Einstein said, "There are two ways to live your life...One is as though nothing is a miracle, the other is as though everything is a miracle."

Recognizing that miracles occur all around us is one of the first steps toward gaining them in our lives in greater abundance. Each time we appreciate a miracle, we are open and prepared to receive another. And each time we see a miracle in a difficult situation (as in being grateful for something that may not be perfect or may be very tough), we are even more open to additional miracles. When I began to see the miraculous gift of my life's imperfections, rather than wishing that things had been more perfect, it changed my life (and my life was already good - it just made it that much better!). When I saw the "bad" things that had happened to me as perfect and good, I was awakened to a whole new reality, to gifts that I could never have dreamed the wonder and awe of sharing them with others and helping them awaken.

The first step toward receiving a miracle is to be open to it, and to know that you deserve it. So think of a difficult thing in your life and tell yourself, "I deserve good things...I deserve miracles." Then look around and see others not as imperfect, but also as deserving of miracles. Every good feeling that you send out will come back to you in some way...and you will be on the path to miracles.

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