Saturday, June 28, 2008

Serpent Mound and Ancient Sacred Sites

Last week, I visited the Great Serpent Mound in southern Ohio, which is the largest effigy mound in North America, built by an ancient culture estimated to have existed around 100 A.D., or perhaps even earlier. A month prior to this, I had never even heard of this place, and was led to it by a series of random connections, realizing very quickly that it was a place I needed to visit - to feel the energy that the ancients felt in that space, the energy that they were in tune enough to allow and respect.

After initially hearing about the site, I became very intrigued in reading and learning more, fascinated by the unique strategic placement of this work, with specific alignments to summer and winter solstice, spring and fall equinoxes. In further reading, I learned that this entire area seems to have been a site of a very ancient meteor crash, leaving behind much higher traces of rare elements such as iridium, which is now used in some cancer treatments. There an energy that can still be felt, particularly by those who are tuned to experience energy, and I believe it is a great healing energy, that places such as this could help us heal not only our bodies but also our souls, if we would only open our minds long enough to believe that it might be possible. I also learned that adjacent to the site had been two large crop circle formations within the last few years, one pointing directly at the head of the serpent, as if to point out its significance. To me, these crop circles are marking an important site, and are there to trigger knowledge deep within us of our truest capabilities.

In the arrogance of our technologically based society, which believes that our own advances are so superior to others, we ignore that other civilizations may have been more advanced in some ways than we are. Yet in spiritual connectedness, many seem far more intelligent and more advanced that we have ever dreamed. We have based our connection to God on words and thinking, and rarely get to a place of feeling deeply within the inner realms of our hearts, within that place in our soul that connects us to God and Holy Spirit. Rather than running from these ancient customs or mock energy healing or other modalities inspired by faith, love, and spirit, we should come to a point where it is common for one to stand in a sacred place without words, and simply feel the variations in energy, feel God the Source coming through in stronger magnitude.

I felt incredibly energized by this space, to the point that it almost wiped me out later that day, yet I knew that going there had been under Divine direction, and knew that following that odd and sudden calling would only strenghten my healing gifts as well as my connection to Spirit. We often expect that our own spiritual advances be just handed to us, like a magic wand being waved, or believe that it will occur when "it's God's will", sitting back and waiting for our own breakthrough while ignoring opportunities around us to create that breakthrough. But we need to begin to seek our our ascension to a higher place, lest we never get there. We have heard many times, "Seek and you will find", but mostly we don't truly seek, choosing instead the easier path of staying in our own little comfort zones, never venturing far beyond our self-imposed boundaries to see more; and therefore, never finding.

It is our own unwillingness to seek beyond the boundaries that keeps us from knowing God/Source in a greater way. I encourage you to visit some of these sacred grounds from Native American and other cultures to see if you can feel the energy. Ask that you be led along a journey that can truly connect you with God/Spirit in a greater way, then be open to following those opportunities when they arise (in other words, GET OUT OF THE WAY and allow!). If you never seek, you will never find...If you never find, you will only get farther from your soul and true joy.

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