Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Why Do We Have Angels?

Because of my connections to angels and angelic messages, I have been asked by a few curious people why we have angels and what are their purpose. Most people do not understand that angels are there to help us and serve us, but unless it is a critical situation about our lives or our Divine plan, where we have given them advance permission to intervene, they cannot step in to help us unless we ask. We have free will, and they are not able to intervene in our choices unless we seek their help.

Some of my friends have also asked why we would need angels if we have God. That is a reasonable question, especially given that our religions have diminshed angels and painted a picture where the idea of turning to any other sources for anything is somehow diminishing God, or "putting other gods before Him". Our religions only want us to seek God through them. We are taught not to seek in other avenues, which is unfortunate because angels offer us a path to God, helping us along our journey to find our wholeness, so that we can truly be one with God in a deeper, more personal way.

In the year AD 745, the Catholic Church, under Pope Zachary, became concerned that the public was connecting too much with angels and relying on them for their connection to God. Obviously, if congregants connect with God through angels, it diminshes the need for the church, so Pope Zachary took steps to extinguish the importance of angels. In particular, he demoted Archangel Uriel and called together a council which denounced all the angels who were not specifically named in the chosen scriptures. Archangel Uriel, whose name means "Light of God" and who is considered by many to perhaps be the angel closest to God, was denounced from the church. In some cases, artwork of Archangel Uriel was removed from churches following this denouncement. It was the church's fear of losing its own importance and stature, its own ego needs, that cut angels out of our lives, or at least diminshed their acceptance in the public's eyes.

And while Protestant Churches may not have been responsible for such a plotted extinction, none has brought angels back into their full glory or purpose. Surveys indicate that over 80% of people (of all religions) believe in angels and many have had actual experiences with angels, yet we still do not communicate with them, listen to them, or allow them to help us see from a higher perspective as much as we should. Those who talk to angels often do so quietly without telling anyone, because of fear of being mocked or challenged.

I see angels as an aspect of the Divine. The presence of God is so pure, strong, and of high frequency that we are not prepared to connect with it in its full glory for extended lengths of time. Angels are each elements of that pure force, allowing us a way to experience it on smaller scale, yet still incredibly powerful. By connecting with angels, we prepare ourselves to truly connect with God, with the Source of all that is. I liken it to astronauts having to re-adjust to the earth's atmosphere on their return from space...we must re-adjust to God's magnificence on our return to Him. Angels' guidance and support shows us the way to our Divine purpose, leads us on a better path, helps us correct ourselves on our journey so that we can find our Higher Selves - our Souls - and live out what we came here to do rather than just living the scripted, robotic lives that society has prescribed. This return to our true selves and our true purpose thereby returns us to Oneness with God. By ignoring angels and not calling on them, we ignore our own plan, ignore our own soul's longing to remember our Oneness with each other and with the Divine. The more we, as individuals, call on angels and rely on them for guidance, rather than on worldly or human direction alone, the closer we all become to a better world. The more of us who regularly call angels to earth, the more intense high-powered light we will invite to heal our collective wounds.

Ask your angels for help, ask them to speak to you, and you will feel their presence. It may be in direct voices from them, it may be in sychonistic events, it may be in pertinent phrases from the lips of others, or repeated song lyrics...but if you are open to messages from your angels, you will begin to hear them. It may not always be what you want to hear, but it will always be for your ultimate highest good. Miracles will begin to occur in your life and around you once you make this step to reconnect.

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