Thursday, September 25, 2008

Getting Real

When was the last time you were real in your life? By "real", I mean when is the last time you lived from your heart instead of your brain, when is the last time that you lived in a vibration of joy rather than a vibration of burden? One of the things that I have noticed since my own awakening and heightened sensitivity is how so many people have a vibration of burden and heaviness rather than joy. Often, the lowest or heaviest vibration is from those who appear to have it all together on the outside, or who profess faith and love, yet don't give off that vibe at all. If you are vibrating outside of joy, you cannot be your greatest self, and you cannot be in alignment with God - the powerful life energy that creates abundance and miracles.

How do we get real in our lives? I believe the first step is to surrender to your ask for more, to ask for your be willing to accept it when it comes and willing to throw away old ideas for new and brighter ones. We were not created to be dependant and miserable souls, we were created to experience love, laughter, joy, and abundance. In experiencing these high vibrational emotions, we magnify them. Our misery is our own making, our own hell, our own illusion of shortcomings.

The last several years have brought us many tools to reach our highest selves and reclaim that elation, but many still run from any new idea without even considering the possibilities that might lie within. Books like The Secret, The Moses Code, A New Earth, and many others have provided many with tools that have remarkably transformed their lives, yet others look on in anger or skepticism without even daring to investigate their message. For others like me who have a heightened sensitivity to "vibes", it can be painful to feel how low the world's vibration is...and sometimes the lowest vibration comes from those people or those places where you would expect it to be the highest, yet it is nothing but a mask for their real disconnect.

I subscribe to Neale Donald Walsch's email messages. Just now, while composing this post about getting real, a message came in from him regarding "truth":

I believe God wants you to know...that truth spoken is a gift given. Truth withheld is more than a gift denied, it is an arrow aimed at the heart.

It has been said that "the truth hurts," but the exact opposite is true.
No truth is too hurtful , and no lie is harmless. Because every truth opens your heart to another, and every lie separates it.

Yet know this: The way you say your truth can be hurtful.
So speak your truth, but soothe your words with peace.

You will not have to think but a second to know exactly
why you received this message today.

For those who communicate with Spirit in direct ways (be it Angels, Holy Spirit, God, or other heavenly guidance), it is quite common to have these kinds of synchronistic thoughts or ideas. I know that it is not coincidence that I receive this email message from Neale Donald Walsch at the very time that I was creating similar message regarding truth and daring to get real in our lives. We have gotten so far away from truth that we rarely recognize it, or we come to believe that the only lies that exist are verbal ones. Yet, the harshest and cruelest of lies are those that we live but do not dare to utter, the lies that we often get into by living and doing the things we are told to do rather than seeking our own truth or passion that lies in our soul.

Think about your life and ask yourself if you are being real...if if you are living in truth or living a masquerade that is not authentic. If your life does not have joy on a daily basis, then you are not resonating with your truth or your purpose, or at least not staying in that truth. Many of us are feeling a longing in our souls at this point in time for a reason, because it is a time for our re-awakening to our truth and our connection with God and Spirit. But it requires that we have the courage to get real. Find the courage to get real and to examine new thoughts, and you will not only find your joy, you will help others find their joy simply by being around you.

Click here for Neale Donald Walsch's site or to subscribe to his messages.

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