Sunday, September 14, 2008

We Are All Called

I often have moments where I pick up a book or turn on the television or radio to immediately see or hear one line that stands out and makes me think, or that seems to reiterate a message that I have been hearing or feeling. Recently, I turned on the television and it happened to be on a channel showing the movie, Evan Almighty, a comedy about a modern day man who is called by God, in rather humorous ways, to build an ark. I had seen the movie about a year ago and loved it because some of his "callings" were strikingly similar to some things that had happened to me when I felt this strong calling to go down a new spiritual path, to do things that were very different from the norm of those around do things that some around me might label as crazy.

When I turned on the television that day, it was in a part of the movie where a reporter was asking Evan, in a condescending way, if he felt that he had been called by God. Evan responded that we are all called by God. That feeling resonated deeply with me, because I have felt that same sentiment very strongly, and increasingly so lately...that we are being called right now to do something extraordinary to change the world in profound ways. I turned off the television after this brief segment, knowing that I had heard what was meant for me to hear in that moment. That idea of each of us being called stayed in my head for over a week as I reflected on its implications. I do feel that we are all called by God, and going even further, that the calls are getting stronger and stronger right now at this moment in time. We have an opportunity to truly change the world, change the collective consciousness, change the earth's energy to a more positive one that creates miracles, returns us to peace and reminds us of our own goodness.

At this time, we are all being called to rise up and make the world a better place, to open our hearts to a greater God than our small minds and our controlled society has allowed. This calling may manifest itself in ways that make us very uneasy, asking us to put aside all that we know in order to usher in a our true greatness. Some will listen to the call and step up to it, but many will ignore it. The more of us who answer the call, the easier it will be for others to do the same. The more we ignore, the more trapped we will become in our illusions.

If you are feeling called toward new things and new beginnings, or being called to do away with old ways that aren't allowing you to be the greatness that God made you to be, that the Universe needs you to be...please heed the the invitation. Lay down your routines or your carefully constructed and planned life for a moment and listen to the call, listen to the voice within yourself that knows you are here to do more. Dare to answer the call. Your life, and the world, will be better for it.

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