Monday, July 20, 2009

The 2012 Debate

A friend and fellow "spiritual seeker" emailed me last night to ask about my take on the 2012 debate...Will it be a time of spiritual awakening on a large scale?...Will it be Dooms Day? For those who are not familiar with this subject, 2012 marks the end of the Mayan calendar and ancient predictions for this powerful time and what it would bring. Some have come to think of as the potential apocalypse, giving ample opportunity for speculation. This topic is getting increasing attention, because many people feel very strongly about it on both sides, while others attribute it to being merely another Y2K "scam". I will say that, like Y2K, the outcome will be a result of our attention to it. The preparation leading to and attention shown to Y2K meant that a situtation that could have created chaos ran smoothly instead. Many chose to attach to the fear element of Y2K, rather than just preparing for it in such a way that it could go as smoothly as possible. In that fear, many moments of their lives were lost because they chose to focus their energy on how bad it was going to be. It is a testament to how we, as a society, choose to cling to the negative rather than the positive. A quick surf through the television lineup or our news programs makes that very clear.

I believe that the 2012 experience will be determined by how we look at it and what we do to prepare for it. But unlike Y2K, which was an incident of preventing a breakdown that would bring on disaster, 2012 may be an opportunity to create a breakthrough that would bring on a new world and new paradigm. Certainly, it is worth exploring and considering that possibility, or contributing to it, each in our own way.

Below is my email response to my friend to summarize how I feel about 2012. I get this partly from reading about 2012 theories, but mostly from feelings that I have deep inside about it. From my experiences, when we make attempts to get deeply connected, we can feel information in a sense of "knowing" that goes beyond just thinking or intellectual debate. These are simply my thoughts and may have your own, or you may find that these thoughts resonate with you as you go into your deeper, knowing state. Here is my response:

2012…I definitely have thoughts and feelings about it and believe that it is indeed a turning point and shift. I have read some about it, but most of my feelings are more from internal things and vibes than anything else. I think that the things that are happening now, with so many people feeling an awakening or a calling, have to do with this energy that is increasing – leading up to that time. I think that we can make it happen in a fantastic way or we can prevent it from happening (“we” meaning the collective consciousness). I think that is why each person that we can touch in such a way as to “get them on board” so to speak, to encourage to open their mind, the more likely we are as a society to make wondrous things usher in a New World...A New Eden. I think you probably know what I mean…you meet someone and have the urge to share certain things with them…like Reiki, or angel talk, or new ways of looking at God… yet with other people, you don’t have such an urge. I think that once we get ourselves more “in tune” to the new energy patterns, the better we can identify others who may be on the verge of some kind of awakening or ready to connect. I believe many of us are here for that purpose and know it deep down inside….like we came here for this time and this transition and have to help each other awaken to remember that.

I actually believe the concept of 2012 is very much like the concept from the prophecy in the book of Revelation…”one will rise up from the field, and one will be left standing” (to paraphrase a little). Our human brains and religious training tend to make us try to translate that literally, thinking that God will come around and “snatch” up the good people to heaven, and then just leave the bad people behind. But I think it is more of a symbolic rising up…rising to another energetic dimension where the perception shifts to a more peaceful place – and place more in tune with God (heaven on earth). It is "ascension" to a better place within ourselves, and one that will change our lives.

I also think 2012 will feel like “Dooms Day” to many who are afraid of a shift in the old paradigms, or who resist it entirely. They will cling to the old ways afraid of the new, and may feel frantic about the loss of control or power in those paradigms. I even think that things like the economic troubles we are having are part of this shift…an opportunity for us to become less dependent on “stuff” to make us happy, so that we can get back to ourselves…back to our spirit...more truly back to God and our Oneness with Him, but in a new and more meaningful way than we have ever known. Those who embrace the challenge and just get real again and back in touch with themselves will rise above the economic troubles, those who stay fearful or bitter will get stuck. Likewise, those who find peace within themselves will contribute to peace in the world, but those who cannot find peace within themselves will feel the need to stir up and keep angst and trouble going. Their inner turmoil will contribute to outer/worldly turmoil, while those with inner peace will contribute to outer/worldly peace. It is simply a matter of which collective energy we, as individuals, choose to contribute to. If we can reach that magic "critical mass" number, whatever that may be, where the positve and loving energy is greater than the negative and judging energy, then we will arrive at that new place. 2012 and these years leading up to it may present a unique opportunity within elements of the universe which could make the task easier (going with the flow of the universe rather than against it...riding that powerful tide).

I see 2012 as a real opportunity for the world to change – but it is not just going to happen because it is that “time”…the opportunity will happen…the universe will be ready (astrologically, etc)…but we, as a collective consciousness, will have to usher in the new paradigms and the shifts through our own individual shifts.

That’s just my 2 cents worth!

Each of you reading this may have your own ideas about 2012...that it will be a mass awakening...that it will be Dooms Day...or that is is much ado about nothing. But if there is indeed an opportunity for it to be a mass awakening or Dooms Day, which would you prefer, and which would you want be part of? Whether 2012 exists or not, we each have a daily choice of being part of making something good through pure, unconditional love that is not based on judgment or control, or making something not-so-good through our fear-based thinking that generates a need to control and condemn.

Which do you choose? Which have you chosen in your actions thus far today? Which will you choose in your actions for the rest of today...for tomorrow...for the future? Will you simply wait for the world to change or will you be part of that positive change? The choice, as always, is yours.

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