Saturday, July 4, 2009

Declaring Independence

Today is Independence Day here in the United States, which marks a remarkable moment when our forefathers stepped up to seek something want a greater freedom to pursue their personal passions and happiness. It was remarkable because their foe was a much mightier and formidable opponent, yet these brave souls had the courage to want more and believe in something greater. In spite of conventional wisdom at the time, and although 80% of colonists were against this declaration and the impending fight, those few brave souls believed that they could win independence.

We are living in a time where much information is available to allow us avenues to declare our own personal independence...freedom from limiting thoughts that have been programmed into us by non-believers who cannot dare to believe in something greater, a power within us which can change our lives, heal us, and create miracles before us. Science and faith are converging in such a way that if we examine them, there is little doubt that there is a greater power accessible to us, within our grasp and control, which will allow us to create our greater destiny in ways we may never have imangined.

With this new wave of energy and faith that asks us to be more, there will be many naysayers, just as there were so many years ago when Independence was declared by the colonists...but the faithful prevailed, and greater things came of it. In 1776, the Declaration of Independence necessitated that a war be fought by those faithful, but our independence from limitation in this day can be won through peace, through love and acceptance shown to each other, through minds willing to lay down previous thought patterns and open to the possibility of more...more miracles in abundance.

You can take your own steps to join in the revolution of reading more, trying new things, opening your mind to new ideas, telling God and your angels that you are ready for more, ready to move into your real purpose in this life. If you ask sincerely, you will be shown opportunities for growth and new your mind and you will receive them.

Let this July 4 mark your Day of Freedom, the day that you declare your own will to move forward and be more.

Happy 4th to all!

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