Sunday, January 10, 2010

Put On Your 3-D Glasses

Recent talk about the 3D movie Avatar caused me to think about the 3D viewing process, where the audience must wear special glasses in order to see real depth in the 3D picture. I thought about our spiritual vision, and how, when we see only with our "earth eyes", we cannot fully see all the depth and layers that exist. We miss things, miss the whole experience - miss truth - because we do not choose to view what is before us in the way that it was intended to be seen by its creator.

In New Age circles, as well as ancient spiritual practices, there is a common term of "Third Eye", which represents our spiritual sight - one that brings the blurriness into absolute clarity so that we can see what God really intended for us -before the ways of this world stripped us of our "truth vision". Our images have become distorted in layers of control and illusion - our tools of true sight systematically taken away over the ages so that we do not have the methods to see God in His fullness.

But now, in this age of information and discovery, we have the ability to return to our full spiritual vision - to return to our spiritual sight. In the same way that is is easy for a movie viewer to have the full experience of the production by putting on their 3D glasses, we can begin to have the full experience of God by returning to our spiritual sight - we simply have to ask to see truth, ask God to show us, then be willing to open our eyes and see. If, in a 3D movie, we put on the glasses but close our eyes, we will see nothing, our experience then limited to sound and what we hear. In our spiritual journey, if the visions are shown to us but we close our eyes and listen only to those around us for our truth or to tell us what is happening, then we will not experience it for ourselves. In the same respect that 3D glasses allow us to see a movie with a new look, changing our spiritual vision can help us see in a more Divine way.

This is a new year and new decade, marking a new beginning, a freshness. Make it a spiritual beginning. Stop seeing life in 2 dimensional black and white or in the way that others have told you to see it, and move on to full color and dimension, having the experience for yourself. In spiritual terms, our dimension is referred to as the 3rd dimension - but there are more dimensions that are beyond this mass/body existence. Once we move to these levels, we are acting more in alignment with God and our Higher Selves. Challenge all that you have thought in the past (mostly from what you have been told to think) and move on to truly think and live on your terms, having the full experience because you no longer see with deficient sight.

Ask God to give you the next dimension - a truer experience - ask angels for their help and guidance, then allow it to happen. Don't second guess it and put your own limitations on it, but accept it as it comes, knowing that you want to see clearly from God, not from man's blurred vision of God.

Your life will change...this new year will be more real...this decade a momentous one. It is all waiting, just be willing to put on new spiritual glasses to live in the moment rather than the past or in past interpretations. Then savor all of the new experiences...ask for even more...and enjoy.

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