Thursday, September 27, 2012

One Small Step...Now Is the Time

"That's one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind."  (Neil Armstrong)

It has been quite some time since I have created a full blog entry on this page.  For the last couple of years, I have confined my sharing to my facebook fanpage, with smaller thoughts and snippets of ideas. I published a book consisting of many thoughts and experiences I had over the preceding several years, but I suddenly had nothing substantial to say in written form. The fanpage grew beyond my expection (17,555 at this writing), and it seemed to touch people involved, or help guide them in a small way just by sharing simple ideas.  But the deeper writing...nothing there.  I hosted a radio show, where I was readily able to answer questions and provide support, but nothing came at the keyboard. 

Over these two years, I have gone through many personal challenges - none enormous within themselves, but collectively a continued strain that seemed like the opposite of supporting my purpose.  Somewhere deep inside, I knew there must be some reason for it, or path that I could not see, but it also frustrated me...Why could I not get help in doing these things that I believed helped others...things that others would say helped change their lives?  I carried on, but not without ongoing frustration -- mostly at why I wasn't "getting it' or what I might be doing wrong.

Last spring, I bought a small business.  My finances toward such things as healing work, producing a book, or maintaining a radio show were depleted, my generosity toward others taking its toll.  I had to find other means just for my own financial survival.   It seemed at the time like a distraction from what was really important-- ironically at a time that I still believe holds the potential to change the world. Frustrations mounted as the business I had purchased revealed great misrepresentations in what was sold to me vs. what was actually there. Truth exposed, as is happening all around us (and is often hard to digest in its blatancy).  This brought on more frustration...a legal battle to make it right. I knew there was something in that process about standing up for myself, but I was tired and sometimes very confused.  I relied on some very close spiritual friends to hold me up at the times that I felt beaten. 

So why an I writing this now?  I am writing this to speak to each of you that feels called to a spiritual path-- to bring some form of light to a world that is pregnant with possibilities and ready to deliver a new and fresh paradigm for a new day.  It is the "good news" (the "gospel", I believe), just as Jesus delivered good news over two thousand years ago.  We have been told that Jesus will return to the world to save us.  Our small minds have assumed that it would be in a singular form, but I believe Jesus will return through the hearts of many who are willing to open their spirits and minds to a new way -- those willing to carry the Light until it illuminates all. It will not be for any single religious group, but will be the "Energy of the Christ", which loves and accepts all.  We are THOSE people.  If you are reading this, you may already know that you are one part of that whole. 

Most recently, the purpose for my path became quite clear to me -- with great understanding for "why" much of it happened.  I have seen the light of where it might be leading me -- and it is brighter than ever.  I see a new dawn where we will push through like a new birth.  But we need ALL those who have prepared for this time to be who they came here to be.

When Neil Armstrong stepped off Apollo 11 and declared, "That's one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind,"  he knew that little step that he made as a single man doing the simple act of putting one foot in front of the other had greater implications to the world.  Today, each and every one of us can make that kind of step. We are all connected, we are all One.  As we return to that, making our own small contributions toward living in a new way, ushering in new paradigms, we are part of the huge step for mankind.  It is time to take that step that you have perhaps resisted, time for that push of energy and purpose that you may have thought you lost in this long journey.

The shifts in energy have been immense...As sensitive beings carrying the Light, or readying ourselves for that, we have felt the impact, we have carried the load and we have become weary from it.  But now is the time to keep the faith....take that new step that may seem impossible to take, but will contribute to a better world.  Now is not the time to be afraid, now is the time for collective courage. 

THIS is what we came here to do...So be strong, and contribute in small ways, knowing that each small step is a giant leap.  Lift up your spiritual soul mates, as they lift you up. Recenter your energy, find that determination to listen to your soul and make your own small steps.  We can do it together, because we now remember that we are ONE, and when we are One, we are aligned with God, the power of the Universe, the power to create the new world.

And so it is...Go forth and create it through your own light.


Annette said...

So wonderful to see you back writing on your blog. I can feel the energy and the light coming from you through your writing.
Thank you for sharing with all of us your struggles and your continued faith in the path of spirituality we all seek.
Waiting for your next book as I will take the time to reread Setting God Free again and again. Sharing your insight and wisdom with us is in deed a gift of love and generosity to all of us.
Thank you,

Dianne said...

Thank you. Inspiring post. Need to read this today to step up in promoting my first workshop! Many thanks, Dianne

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your light and for reminding us of our divine magnificence! I came here after searching for the symbolism of turkey vultures (a la your previous post), and discovered all of your inspiring and uplifting messages. Much love from Victoria, BC, Canada!

kathlene mayer said...

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