Friday, December 6, 2013

Why I Feel the Need to "Push" My Book Now

It has been three years since publishing my book, "Setting God Free: Awakening to Miracles" and yet, it seems to be having an awakening of its own.  There were times after I wrote it that I second guessed why I did it.  In today's world, we measure things by quantities and mass scales, so very modest and slow sales seem to indicate irrelevance.

I never felt much direction for marketing the book heavily, not to mention that I really just did not have the excess funds to do so (and looking back, maybe that was part of the Plan).  With things in my own life in some turmoil from the economic downturn, I was already stretched just to put it out there. It would have seemed like great sales and income would have been God's way of saying, "Well done in following Me."  I wondered sometimes if I had it all wrong.

Yet, deep inside, I knew that it didn't matter about numbers or pushing the book.  It was partly by fatigue but largely from an inner knowing that I chose to I let it sit, once I got over the feeling that it was all for naught.   At those times when I would second guess myself as to why God would have wanted me to go to all the trouble to publish if it wasn't going to "do something bigger", a different voice would whisper that it was ok...that it was all in time. Spiritual friends would often say that they thought people just may not be ready on a larger scale yet and that it would come in time.

I thought my book was simple and fairly benign in its voice, not anything that would be hard to be ready for, yet something about what those friends said rang true.  Maybe it is all about timing...and it will be there when the right people are ready to read it.  On the surface, that may seem pompous - like it is too lofty for many--  but it is actually from humility....a willingness to let God and angels dictate the journey and the timing.  I am now working on another book to continue the story.  I have no idea the time frame or the method of publication,  nor do I need to.  It will come in God's time.

So I write this today to urge you to read the excerpt from my book and see if it stirs anything within you.  I know that for many who have read it, it has somehow had that effect (which I know is beyond me or my mere words).  It's a simple, quick read, but it may open something within you that is may be just the trigger you are looking for...Simple, but meaningful.   If you have ventured here, then you are likely already on your journey, or searching for a start...and this may just be what can lead you in that direction.

Blessings and love to all of you out there in Our Family of Love and Light...We are One and we are powerful beyond imagination.

Note: Setting God Free: Awakening to Miracles" is available on Amazon or Barnes and Noble online (or may be ordered through their stores).  Amazon has a kindles special in place right now.  CLICK HERE for excerpt and info)

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