Sunday, May 2, 2010

Nature...God's Real Sanctuary

I love to think of nature as an unlimited broadcasting station, through which God speaks to us every hour, if we will only tune in. ~George Washington Carver

For most of us in Western culture, going to church means gathering in a specific building on a certain day and at a certain time. There can be merit in that practice, and certainly there is sometimes an opportunity to gain inspiration within those walls. I don't attend any certain church. I often randomly decide to attend a specific one based on being moved by spirit as to where to go or when, or how often. I do not automatically attend any place at those "church hours" of Sunday morning, but do my own personal "church" throughout the week.

This morning, when I took my walk and was heading back home, I glanced one direction down the street toward a little neighborhood Episcopal church and felt somewhat called to attend there. When I later went back in that direction, I ended up sitting on a bench in a park across from the church. While sitting there, I heard a loud flutter that sounded like a very large bird's wings flapping. I looked up at the large fir tree beside me, with multiple trunks which gave it a hollowness almost all the way to the top of the tree, and realized that the sound had come from inside that tree,not too far up, and it was likely a large owl near me. I laid down on the bare grass underneath the tree, soaking up the energy from the ground beneath, knowing that is was replenishing me, knowing that this experience was something beyond what my skin could feel or my eyes could see. I "listened" to the owl with my spiritual ears (the ones that require little sound, but are connected to your soul). I felt my heart open. I asked questions...and waited for the wisdom of the owl to wash over me. I heard its wings flutter loudly again. The owl felt me and I felt the owl.

The majesty of this tree...of this owl, hidden from sight but obviously there...the energy and glory of God's creation surrounding me front and center, gave me my sanctuary. I did not need the building across the street, did not need the message from another person, I simply needed to commune with nature, soaking up God by soaking us His creation. Find some time in nature and you will find time that is truly with God. You do not need a building or an organziation to touch fact, you may be missing the truest miracles of God if you think that is the way to Him.

God's sanctuary is not brick and mortar, not steel beams and is in nature and in our hearts. Return to that acknowledgment and you will enhance your spiritual experience, and deepen your connection.

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