Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Perpetuating Stereotypes

Our thoughts create reality. The more consistently we have a thought, the more likely we are to produce that event or effect. This works in our own lives and what we manifest for ourselves, but it also works collectively - in the collective consciousness of our world. That is why it is so important to begin to change our own minds, but beyond that, to encourage a change of thought in others - because the collective consciousness is so powerful in manifesting what we experience in our world.

It is sometimes said that stereotypes exist because there is an element of truth to them. It certainly seems that some behavior patterns can be true to groups - gender, race, age, nationality, geographic location, or other collection of people. But when I think about how our thoughts manifest our experience, I conclude that those stereotypical patterns may continue, in part, because of our collective thoughts about them. Judgment that we put out about things we disapprove of only creates more of the same...that energy of thought only feeding the situation.

When you look at the child in the ghetto and conclude that they will end up in a path of crime, consider that your thoughts may be contributing to that outcome. Change your thoughts. Put your energy into a path out of that despair - into a prayer that God give them strength to overcome a seemingly impossible situation, into a commitment of your love and compassion. Send gratitude for the fact that it is not you in that place, and RESPECT for those who endure it...because if God doesn't give us anything we cannot handle, then he must have great respect for what those souls are capable of. Give those that you might previously have passed judgment on the respect that God must be giving them through their heavy burdens.

We all have prejudices that have been heaped upon us by society. Because of our varying experiences, we inevitably have differing views of things. That can be a good thing, but we must first choose to let go of our negative views about things we know little of. In doing so and sending love and respect, we contribute to the solution, rather than to the perpetuation of the problems.

In the simple act of changing your thoughts - revisiting your ideas - you can contribute to a more positive collective consciousness, and one that will help change the world for the better. Be conscious of your thoughts, as they hold the key to change. Think in love, and you will be a healer.


Johan said...

Thank you Sherri! It is so true. It is interesting that all religions and philosophies put the emphasis on the need to censor your thoughts. It is one of the core elements in The Secret by Ronda Byrne as well. That makes it a universal truth. If we look past the danger of negative thoughts and realize that what we think can manifest positive results. Thank you for sharing. You are an earth angel. Johan

Sherri said...

Johan..I didn't realize until now that you had commented on this...better late than never. I think YOU are an earth are certainly one of mine. I am so blessed to have connected with you, and you have enhanced my journey so much.