Friday, May 16, 2008

Gratitude for a Miracle...and the Power of "Feeling Prayer"

My friend Ruth's elderly father was in the hospital recently with failed kidneys. He had been there for several weeks and had been on dialysis to keep his body functioning. His condition was not good, obviously, and I asked if she would like for me to come to the hospital to try some Reiki on him, adding that I understood that his generation sometimes has a very hard time with anything like this, so it would not hurt my feelings if she turned down the offer.

Ruth agreed that it might be a little strange for her dad to receive Reiki, since he might not understand that it is just a method of deeper prayer. He even considers her practice of Reflexology to be a little "woo-woo" and out there! So I offered to do a Reiki prayer candle for him and she thought that would be great. I knew that many people had been praying for him, and did the 15 minute candle prayer/meditation, asking that it magnify my own prayers as well as those of others. A couple of days after this, Ruth emailed me to let me know that her father had suddenly rallied, and that she knew that the Reiki energy was a turning point. His kidney function had started regenerating (which is almost unheard of after complete failure). We continued distance energy with a group prayer candle at a Reiki meeting, and within a couple of weeks time, her father was completely off of dialysis and heading home from the hospital...a miracle in action!

Scientist Gregg Braden has done tremendous work in connecting science and spirituality/religion, showing the congruence therein. He has traversed the globe studying and practicing the ancient forms of "feeling" energy that deepen the practice of prayer, invoking meditation that connects one's soul to God in a deeper way. His site (see "Recommended links") sums up many of his studies. His book, "Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer" is an easy read that summarizes the history of prayer and how we lost the art of feeling prayer centuries ago, leaving our connection to God less powerful than it could be.

This scientific and spiritual analysis confirms the things that I feel through Reiki and other deep meditation. Once we learn to feel our prayers truly and deeply, rather than just speaking them, we can create miracles. This "feeling" is faith exemplified. Rather than just asking and waiting, we connect to the energy of God and feel the prayer being answered... feel the love of God healing our wounds and making us whole again. In doing this, we are demonstrating that we truly do have faith that the miracle will occur, and we know that faith is the energy that creates miracles.

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