Friday, May 9, 2008

The Only Thing We Have to Fear...

In my healing work with others, I see many miracles...changes in a person's outlook on life, changes in their physcial health, changes that provide them a new connection to their souls. Many miraculous changes happen suddenly, others through a course of progressive steps. I am often told that I have changed someone's life, which is a very touching thing to be told; however, I know that it is all through the healing energy of love...the healing power of God, if we choose to love unconditionally, as God loves.

It is because I have seen so many rapid changes and miracles that I write this blog, because I know that it is an important message to get out to people - to make them that life is really much easier than we make it. The answers - and our bliss - are right there for us if we only ask and let go of our judgments about ourselves and others. The first step in doing so is often the most difficult, because of our own fears of venturing out. Yet I have seen time after time, that once this step is made, and once one is open to miraculous transformations, that they begin to flow regularly and with ease.

Our societal conditioning makes us think that we cannot heal or that we should not expect other difficulties of our lives to be better. It is this failure to believe that prevents miraculous things from happening. A small amount of belief will start us on a new path of change, a new path that will lead to a more beautiful existence, but we have been trained to believe that they will not occur. There are many miracles happening in the world of spiritual healing, yet many of these things get ignored or stifled by the more powerful elements of our society - those who don't want us to be empowered or to no longer need them. Ironically, some of the very institutions that should connect us to this powerful information actually do the opposite, and try to diminish it.

Franklin D. Roosevelt told us that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. How appropriate those words are, not just to the nation in distress when he spoke them, but to individuals on a daily basis. If we could overcome fear, we would have an entirely different existence both as individuals and in the world at large. We are often afraid to even glimpse outside of the packaged and prescribed beliefs and standards that have been fed to us, which means that we cannot gain more, and can only expect more of the often dismal or distressing patterns that mankind has historically created.

But those individuals who dare to think outside the box, to open their eyes to something more, will surely see a new and more beautiful world with less suffering. Each one who does so will shine brighter on their neighbor and will begin to be part of a dramatic changes all around them. We are all being called to awaken to the miracles around us at this time in history, to do our part to make the world a better place. We can feel it in the unrest in our souls, the part of us that knows we are here to do more than our packaged and planned lives allow us. The first step is opening our hearts and minds to something better than we have ever known, and releasing any fear or control that has kept us from doing so in the past. Please let down your own doubts or fears and take the time to read entries on this blog to see if they speak to you on any level. Then examine some of the links on this page, or read some of the Testimonials & FAQs on my website about healing and transformation (link on upper right column). Feel free to comment with miracles or information of your own. Together, we can magnify miracles by beginning to acknowledge and share them.

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