Sunday, May 4, 2008

Whenever Two or More Are Gathered...

Matthew 18:20 says, "For where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am among them." Since I know that Jesus is love and non-judgment, I believe that the deeper meaning of this statement is that whenever we gather in love and acceptance - seeing the goodness in each other - the pure love of Jesus/God is with us. And in those places in our joined hearts, we will have miracles of many sorts.

Today, I hosted a Reiki meetup at my home for the first time. The meeting evolved through word-of-mouth/email, and included people who have studied and practiced Reiki formally, as well as those who were not very familiar with it but eager to learn more. Although we did not discuss religion in particular at the meeting, I know that some of the formal religious backgrounds of attendees was varied..."born again" Christian, Methodist, Baptist, Catholic, Episcopal, Unity, others unknown to me...but the denomination did not matter, as each person was there to give and receive loving energy to one another, regardless of that person's belief system. The experiences were varied, although I think it would be accurate to say that each of the 20 or so people left feeling uplifted, some tremendously uplifted, some telling me they knew their lives would not be the same again after the experience. On the physical level, several of us had immediate benefits of reduction of tension, pain, sinus trouble, etc...but the spiritual benefits will be even deeper.

We shared this powerful energy of Reiki, which is based in loving one another and seeing the goodness in each and every individual rather than any faults...seeing them without judging them. Wonderful things happen when we put down our armour or our need to be "right" or convert others to our way, and simply love our neighbor...and just as importantly, love ourselves, in the way that God loves us and sees our perfection rather than our imperfection. The power of God was definitely present in our meeting, both its strength and softness evident to all.

I know that we will each get something remarkable from that meeting, whether it is being rejuventated, awakened, healed, or uplifted, each will get some good benefit, and our own higher vibration will affect those around us. I expect miracles to occur from that great energy. I already feel miracles and clarity for myself and look forward to the days ahead as these are revealed.

Why am I sharing this?....Because it is my hope that many more people will begin to open their hearts and their minds to the amazing power of energetic healing like Reiki, or will simply choose to let down their guard or pre-conceived ideas and be open to more God, more love, more miracles. I have felt its life-changing effect for myself, and have seen the same in others. If one is open and receptive, it can and will change your life for the better in very quick fashion.

Please note: If you are interested in attending one of these free Reiki meetups to experience the energy, or in being included on my Reiki prayer lists, please visit my website at the link on this page (upper right) and email me.

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Ruthology said...

Yesterday's Reiki gathering was amazing - the energy present was very, very powerful. I'm sure that lives were changed, life paths were adjusted, pain was lifted, soul-pain was eased and renewal was given to all via Reiki and the community sharing of loving acceptance.

Sherri, thank you for hosting such a wonderful gathering. Your gifts are sure to positively impact many, many other people's lives. Also, thank you for the angel message yesterday! I'm watching out for Michael.