Thursday, May 15, 2008

Trusting Your Gut...And Venturing Into the Unknown

This past week, I followed my gut and took a trip. Several months ago, I came across a Bed & Breakfast Inn for sale and had felt very curious about it. The odd thing was that I had not particularly been interested in such an endeavor in the past, but suddenly was very interested and very curious about this particular property... in Kentucky...and quite far away from my home in Georgia. My curiousity stemmed from a sudden strong feeling that one possible avenue to venture into with this healing work would be owning an inn, one with enough business to make it a viable operation on its own, but where healing work and retreats could take place in the down season. I don't know positively that this is the one direction for me, but I do know that the thoughts are coming to me as one possible option for sharing gifts and educating others about the many wonderful things that are happening on the spiritual front.

I had put this particular thought on the back burner for a few months while continuing to study and practice the things that could make me more helpful to others, but it had crept back into my thoughts. About two weeks ago, I received an email from the owner, who has fallen on poor health, to see if I still had an interest in the inn. I took this cue as a sign to at least go look at the place and planned a spontaneous trip to see it. Whether or not any purchase ever transpires, I know that my willingness to follow that hunch and act upon something somewhat far-fetched was rewarding. We so often live in our well-planned worlds, never venturing into the unknown, and doing so can be invigorating no matter what the outcome. The simple act of following can strengthen and reward us by helping us open our minds past the known and scheduled existence that we fall into.

I also used this trip to venture farther north into Ohio to visit a new friend that I have met on this spiritual journey - a woman whom I have only spent a total of a few hours with, but feel like I have known her for a very long time, and as if our journey was supposed to converge for the good of each of us and good of others. Through her, I had heard about her friend Denny, who was in a bad accident in January and had been in a coma and with brain damage, and is now going through a difficult recovery process to regain his physical and mental capabilities. When I heard about his story, I felt immediately connected to him and his family and started following the website that charted his progress, while also praying and sending distance energy to him. I was so touched by his family and their faith and commitment, and knew that I would somehow be connected to them for mutal blessing. Several weeks ago, when one of his daughters called me to ask me to do another Reiki prayer candle for her dad, because they felt like that was his turning point, I was moved to tears. Their acknowledgment strengthened my faith in the magnified power of "feeling prayer" and Reiki.

I met this family and spent the day at the hospital with them, again feeling like our connection was meant to be and that I was blessed to know them. As odd as it was for someone to come to town (a virtual stranger) wanting to pray and provide Reiki to their husband/father, they welcomed me with open arms, and we had some great moments. I know that Denny's accident and recovery - and the strong faith of his family, friends, and new friends like me - has a purpose to touch and inspire many people on many levels. It has already inspired me - to watch his continued progress and watch the faith that so many are placing in his recovery - to watch the willingness of the family to venture into unknown possibilities with courage and strength. And for me, to experience how wonderful it feels to let go of restraints and just act on intuition was an experience in itself. I am already so blessed just by venturing to meet these people and share their path with them.

Many of us are quick to help our friends and loved ones when they are in need, which is great, but we seldom look past the needs of those not in our immediate circle - to strangers - to offer our love and support. Perhaps it is our fear of being rejected, perhaps it is just that we don't feel truly connected with anyone who isn't right around us or who isn't "one of us". Once we learn that we are all connected and that unconditional love - like the love of Christ - means giving even to those who we know little about - without the expectation that they be "like us" or think "like us" in order to feel a connection or to give freely. Giving love and support to strangers can teach us that we all are truly connected and that we all have the same needs of feeling loved and valued exactly as we are, without any strings attached, without any expectations in return.

So many times in life we are afraid to hang it out there. We have instincts or callings, but if they are not within the norms of what most people do, we worry about what people will think if we follow them. I can tell you that the simple act of taking an unusual step, the act of just being what you feel instead of being what you think you're supposed to be to fit others' mold can be the most liberating step that you can take, and can connect you to the power in your soul that you may not have felt in a very long time, if ever. Live in the moment! Follow your curiousities and intuition even if they are odd or unconventional, and you will be amazed at the joy and satisfaction it can lead to. Do something unusual or daring, and you will benefit from the simple process, no matter what the ultimate outcome. Trust your own instincts in faith, and they will lead you to a greater version of yourself. They will lead you to blessings and miracles.

If you would like to follow Denny's story and send your own prayers and loving energy his way, the website is
(The Caring Bridge site is an excellent tool for communicating information and progress of long term patient situations - so if you know anyone with that need, pass the site link on to them!)

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