Sunday, August 30, 2009

Human Cells Respond to Energy Healing (link)

I recently came across a Reiki blog that offers some good information and insights about energy healing. This particular post was very interesting to me because it discusses a controlled study which demonstrated the effects of energy healing work on cells. The study shows that energy work which carries the intention of healing can have a noticeable effect on cells, offering such hope and promise for the future of alternative therapies based in energy and intent. Sometimes people need proof in order to believe that something is real or has real benefits, and studies like these can help open minds through bits of evidence, whick will possibly make more people try alternative healing methods.

Please enjoy this post on Lynda Lippin's blogsite, "Reiki Goddess" (linked below). For those of you who practice healing energy work, let it fuel you to do more, knowing that your good intention and energy can have such great benefits around you. For those who are curious about such work, I hope that it will encourage you to read more about these topics or even to try energy healing for yourself.

Reiki Goddess: Human Cells Respond to Energy Healing

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Lynda Lippin said...

Thank you so much Sherri!