Sunday, August 16, 2009

Seeing Colors and What It Means

Several people I have talked with lately have noticed a change in what they are seeing during meditation, quiet moments, or in the dream state. The change many of them have noticed is that they are seeing very vivid colors, more vivid than any they have every seen before, and that these colors are coming to them in waves, many times as intricate geometric shapes or symbols (often referred to as "sacred geometry"). Several have described being showered with these shapes and colors coming toward them in a flow of brilliance, and each person has described it as a moment of peace that they did not want to leave, one that gave them a feeling of hope and renewal, with a sense of knowing that there was something deep happening to them.

I believe that there is a mass awakening taking place right now, with many individuals being called to remember great truths that they already know but that have been suppressed. I know on a deeper level that they are seeing auras in those waves of beautiful colors, perhaps auras of angels, spirit, Jesus or other masters, or perhaps brief glimpses of God, a moment of touching that pure love. I know that the geometric shapes and symbols that are being showered upon them, leaving them feeling great peace and personal empowerment, are images that are triggering feelings and knowledge within their soul, helping them remember great things that will lead them on their spiritual journey. I know that as we progress in our spiritual path and when we are ready to accept more, that occurrences like these become commonplace - it is our time to awaken, and things that need to occur to assist that awakening will take place in a fashion and process that will make it noticeable and real.

I liken these occurences with vivid colors to the move "Pleasantville". I randomly happened upon this movie on television a few months ago, and realized the story very aptly portrayed how most of our society operates and how most of us live our individual lives. The movie was set in the perfect town of Pleasantville, where things worked a certain way and all was happy and idyllic (or so they thought). But the town lived in black, white, and shades of gray, like an old movie that was shot before Technicolor changed the television and motion picture industry.

The citizens of Pleasantville were perfectly happy living their dull black and white lives, not knowing what was beyond. When a few individuals stepped out of the very tight social boundaries to actually live life and feel real emotions, those individuals' lives began to appear in vivid color for the world to see. As others in the town saw them in their vivid color, shame was cast upon them, to the extent that they would cover up their newfound colorfulness with gray makeup, masking their joy, trying to fit in again and not be an outcast, not be mocked or made fun of.

That movie offers a brilliant portrayal of how life in our society takes place. We live dulled down lives, often thinking that we are happy based on outward things or appearance, without even knowing the color and beauty that lies beyond the boundaries that we so carefully adhere to. Once we experience that color and beauty, it is often mocked by others, simply because it is different or it doesn't fit the mold that the world has decided we should live within. Many of us who have lived within those confines and have dared to step outside to something more grand have felt that apprehension, mockery, or even disdain from others who cannot see beyond their own gray lives, who do not want to let us live in color because they are afraid it will challenge their own comfort zones.

Color has a way of drawing on our emotions. I think it is because God is in vivid color beyond any that we can see here in this dimension with eyes which have been dulled down by by this world of confines and control. If you are asking for more in your life and you begin to see vivid colors, sometimes with your eyes closed, sometimes with your eyes open, consider it an affirmation that you are on your way to something more, something greater than your imagination can fathom, a life full of color and joy so vivid that it will leave you in awe.

Keep asking, keep accepting. Ignore others who may mock or question you...find your joy, find your peace, find God in living color.

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