Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"What Can I Do To Start A Spiritual Journey?"

Oftentimes, when people talk to me about spirituality and wanting to make a shift or a move that leaves them feeling closer to God and spirit, I am asked this question, "What can I do to start a spiritual journey?", or it may be "I have always been a follower of God, but I want more and I don't know where to start". The answer can vary depending on the person, but I would say that a good first step is to ask God for signs and answers...ask in a very specific way. Ask a question, and give God an easy way to communicate so that it will be clear to you...even ask that it be made very obvious so that you will know for sure it is not your imagination or coincidence. God, angels, and spirit want to make it easy for us, we just don't always give them avenues in which to do that.

Begin to talk to God, ask questions, ask for signs..."God I need to know that you are listening...show me _________to give me that reassurance". You might ask for butterflies, ladybugs, a hawk, a certain number or color. Then let go and don't force it, but be open to the sign coming in various forms. For example, you may not see a live ladybug, but you may be in a store and have your eyes suddenly pulled to a greeting card that has a ladybug on it. Or you may have a ladybug land on your hand!

The point is that God wants to communicate with us and wants us to reconnect in a more real way than just praying for "His will". He wants us to play an active role in the creation of our lives, to step up to live our individual and collective destinies, but our world sometimes leaves little room for communication. Providing simple avenues to begin to hear and feel spirit in a deeper way gets us reconnected with God, just as email and internet provide avenues for old friends to reconnect, even across miles and after many years apart.

Once you get comfortable with this simple way of communicating, you will be more aware and better able to feel God around you, to feel His presence and hear His voice within your soul. At this point, you will probably feel much more open to reading and hearing about new ideas of God, so venture out in your reading or your activities. Try a book by a spiritual author (see "recommended links" to right/below for many authors that I like), browse through a spiritual section of a bookstore, see what books call to you...and they will if you allow it! I have had books fall of the shelf to get me to notice them, and they were always just what I needed to read at that time.

Get closer to your soul, your real self, get closer to God. It is probably a lot easier than you think.

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