Friday, August 28, 2009

Stepping Up for Change

We're a nation of laws, but the good thing about America, is that laws reside in the people and people can change the laws. (Rick Warren)

Unrest is brewing in our world. Town hall meetings are being attended by citizens who want the truth, who are no longer satisfied with the ways of Washington and are willing to make the effort to say it in a loud way. So many of us are getting tired of the way the system is being run - we are tired of both the left and the right, ready to challenge them to do better, to put their own agendas aside and find real ways to solve problems by letting go of ear marks, special interests, political aspirations,and the like, letting go of their hold and control so that individuals can be more. We, the mainstream, are getting restless.

One of the great beauties of the United States, with all of our warts and flaws, is that the foundation of our country was based on the ability to change, by setting up an evolving set of laws that could be altered as we learned and shifted. Our founders were brilliant in that respect - in understanding that our thinking is often flawed or caught in the context of the times, and that a good government needed to have the ability to change as people changed. Had it not been for that, we may not have ended slavery, may not have extended the vote to women or to those who did not own land. We may never have declared that people had a right to freedom of speech or the free exercise of religion. The ability and willingness to change, even if you don't agree with all of the changes, is what makes us a strong nation, not perfect, but strong because we can open our minds or accept debate. When we shift too far in one direction, the pendulum swings back, and eventually (hopefully) we will find a good place in the middle that respects all and allows similar freedom and opportunity for all.

I think that right now there is a voice telling us to "speak up...say 'enough is enough'...expect more...expect better". While I think it is important that people are beginning to show this unrest in the political arena, I think it is even more important that we do so in the spiritual or religious community. Just as our government and its laws reside in the people, God resides in each of us, not in an institution. There are so many wonderful things happening for those who are opening their minds and surrendering to a greater purpose, a greater God, a greater self - that we should not contain it or hide it. We should apply the same ability to change and evolve in our spiritual practices, always ready to learn and grow. If we allow our society to strongly hold on to one set standard of what God is, or cling to what God said many, many years ago as the ONLY thing that God could have said or the only version of God, we are denying Him the opportunity to show us more. We are now ready to be shown more, and it is time to allow that. Jesus faced the same obstacles in his messages of asking those of his time to seek more God than their religions of the time had shown them.

For my own path, I have surrendered several times to be more...surrendered to a purpose greater than myself. Along the way, I have had many fears to release, one being that those who challenge heavily entrenched religious ideas are often attacked mercilessly. I have always been a person that could respect others' religious opinions and "agree to disagree"...or to continue to debate with respect, and it can be very hurtful when others don't extend that to you, when they attack you or judge you unfairly, simply because you are asking for more from God. I know that the intend in my heart is good, and that will lead me forward.

Within the last week or so, I have experienced yet another moment of surrender, knowing that I had done enough of the quiet, behind-the-scenes work to get me to this place to say more, do more - yet I still had fear to release - fear of attacks that may come may way. But I also know deep within my soul that there are more people who will step up and experience more, share more - and who will be willing to be initiators of change, even if only in their own life and amongst their closes friends. It doesn't take a monumental effort - just living in a different way, such as letting go of judgment of others, to make a difference.

I can already feel assurance from God that there are others out there who are feeling this calling toward a greater spiritual experience and who will be willing to step up and claim it. The readership of this blog is beginning to take off, and I know that we are finding each other to walk this journey together. We have a great path to change things for the better, and it will be an amazing excursion if enough of us step into our purpose. If you feel called to this journey, feel free to comment on posts, or email me for a more personal connection ( We are in this together...and together we can change the world.

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