Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Holiday Healing

The holidays can be a wonderful time for feeling love, but also a time when old patterns or hurts show themselves, family and relationship dynamics brought to a head in ways that induce stress, pain, anger, or resentment. For many, the holidays are the most difficult time of year due to the emotional turmoil, financial burdens, and other factors.

From the emotional standpoint, I would like to suggest that if you have such issues, you approach them from a different light, understanding that this is an opportunity to examine them for what they are (usually fear or control-based roots) and release them in love. You may not even have to venture into discussing it with another, simply go within yourself, simply sending love, healing, and forgiveness for any past issues. Imagine yourself, another, or the situation surrounded in white light and ask God and angels to release you from its clutches so that you can become all that you are meant to be (perfection) and live according to your true purpose in this life. If you are ready to move forward, proclaim that, surrender to it, and release any baggage that you may be carrying (your own baggage or that of another).

I believe you will be amazed at the difference this practice makes in your holidays and the surrounding conditions. If you take this approach, you will negate the negative to allow for a positive resolution, or perhaps even a miracle that transcends and heals all around it. In living love and joy, you will bring the true Christmas spirit into your life, and lay a foundation that will carry you into a new year ready for a new beginning.

Peace, love, light, and joy to the world at this special time of year.

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