Saturday, December 26, 2009

Looking Toward 2010

As we move past Christmas and toward the New Year, it is a good time to set intentions for 2010. New Year's resolutions are something that are practiced by many, although most of us would probably admit that we falter along the way. I think that part of the reason we falter is that we set out with good intentions, but our goals are still indicative of our previous priorities. We do not really go inward enough in our process of "being more" for the coming period. Usually, we limit our resolutions to things like getting in shape, losing weight, exercising more, etc; but in setting these goals, we don't really change our general ways or outlook on them. We do not approach them in different ways, nor do we go to the real root of the obstacles.

Einstein has been credited as saying that "the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. We approach our problems in very much the same way that we have in the past, never really examining what might be the real cause, never looking deeper into ourselves to fix things on a more meaningful level, just taking an outward approach.

I believe, and I have seen in myself and others, that the answers to our problems - be they of health, relationship, financial, or other nature - lie within ourselves; that we can heal ourselves and mend our difficulties by getting real with what they are and addressing them differently. Once we acknowledge the root and surrender to it, we release the hold it has on us, we remove the cloud that it has caused over us. You cannot release a problem that you cannot acknowledge, yet we tend to run from the real cause of our problems because we do not want to make the changes to fix them.

We have become such conditioned creatures, following the world in every aspect of our lives - seeking to be "normal", letting others define what will (or should) make us happy. We follow the patterns set forth for a "good life" never really seeking to find "our way", nor search for our true purpose for being here. However, each of us has a purpose that we came here to fulfill, and each purpose has some root in getting real (finding Truth) and giving and receiving love, remembering that we are One - with each other and with God. The ultimate purpose for our existence is as simple as that. We each may have different avenues to get there, or different talents and gifts to enhance the lives of others, but it is all rooted in learning to love without strings attached, to accept that we are all good and perfect beings, and to allow our goodness to shine through.

If you have resolutions and intentions, I can tell you that the way to stick to them is to align them with your purpose. Surrender to it, ask for it to be revealed to you, then try not to resist it. By this act, you will begin to get aligned, and therefore fill voids that have been left unfulfilled and strained your existence, allowing you contentment, which makes way for joy. It is a process of awakening that will then align you with the Universe, with Divine energy that will show you the way.

Make your resolution to step into your Higher Self and true purpose. Then let God do the rest, in God's way...not your way, not society's way, not your church's way, not your friend's way...and perhaps a way that you or no one else could have figured out. That is what makes it Divine. Listen, and you will hear the way. Keep and open mind, and be willing to follow and explore. Let 2010 be your year of awakening to more. You will be in good company, because many others are hearing the call. By joining in, we each empower others.

(Note: I will be facilitating a discussion and study of the text "A Course In Miracles" in 2010 on Facebook. This is a good method of letting go of fear and looking at things anew, seeing through the eyes of love. To join our "fan page", please CLICK HERE).

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