Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Just For Today, I Will Not Worry

A few years ago, I was led to the practice of Reiki after my spiritual path began to deepen and gain clarity. Reiki is an energy healing modality that can help with both physical needs as well as enhance spiritual awareness. The basic principals behind it are expressed in 5 tenets, the first tenet being:

Just for today, I will not worry.

Think about how many things you worry about in a day and how much time you waste on such thoughts. Spending time worrying does does not change the problem at hand, does not create a solution, does not appreciate that the thing that you see as a "problem" may be leading you to something better - as part of your plan to be able to live out your purpose. Some people seem to think it is noble to worry, as if it shows they care more, but actually that has an element of martyrdom to it - attaching to the worry for the attention it gets, or because it makes you feel like a better person to be filled with such concern.

Many times, we say we are worried about something, but then we do nothing to change the things we are doing in ways that might eliminate or diminish the problem at hand. For instance, I know people who worry about having a heart attack or getting ill in some way and talk about their fears repeatedly, but don't exercise or change their poor eating habits or do other things to make illness less likely. That is an example of just enjoying the drama of the worry. We all have similar examples in our own behavior to some extent or another, although many are less obvious, but they are indicative of our attachment to fear.

When we worry, we are focusing our energy on the problem, and therefore attracting more of the problem. It is unproductive and only brings us more of what we wish to eliminate. Most of us, through day to day life, our upbringing, or the media onslaught of worrisome things we are exposed to constantly, worry even when we are trying not to, or when we don't even realize we are doing it. As with any habit or addiction, it takes practice and consistency to break that pattern, but if you begin to let go of worries step by step, you will begin to feel differently, and have an easier time letting go of them on a more permanent basis.

The great Master, Jesus, said,

"Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?" (Matt 6:27)

We do not gain from worrying. We lose precious moments to live and be; instead of adding hours to our lives, the stress of worrying can actually take away hours from our lives. (Ahh...and even that gives us something else to worry about!)

This Reiki tenent of, "Just for today, I will not worry" can have profound healing impact on our lives with that simple change...taking a day at a time with the intent of ending the worry. One day is not an impossible commitment, and each day we achieve that release from worry makes us stronger and healthier, ready to take on another day without worry. It is our own healing power at work in the simplest of ways. Changing our thoughts to change our lives; healing ourselves to heal the world around us.

Whether you practice Reiki or not, whether you have any interest in it or not, consider adopting this tenet as a step in your healing and empowerment. It is simple and achievable, but can have profound impact.

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