Sunday, July 20, 2008

Trapped In the Words

When I was about 12 years old, there was a couple at church who could be described as misfits. The man was very short and likely fell into the dwarf category, while the woman was not only very short and dwarf-like, but was also deaf & mute, with cleft pallet deformities from birth. I made quick friends with this woman, seeing through the eyes of a child, where outer appearance is less important than a person's inner light. And although she could hardly utter words at all, she taught me sign language and we were able to communicate very well. Unfortunately, this couple moved shortly after that, and I did not have a means to continue practicing sign language, but I still remember how it was a language of feeling rather than just words. I could communicate so well with her and she with me because we were not only forming words and letters with our hands, we were connecting energetically and feeling the language.

I realize now that my gift to communicate and feel intuitively was already alive even then, I was just not aware of it. I also know that our world is in the process of moving back to that energectic communication, and it is a place in which we can more powerfully and directly connect with God and Spirit. It will be a time where we live and feel truth, within ourselves and toward each other. That makes some people uneasy, because we seldom live our real truth in this world in which there are so many prescribed methods for what we are supposed to do and how we are supposed to think, but it will be a transition that changes the world and brings us to higher truth, and therefore real love.

Sanskrit is an ancient language that uses words/symbols to represent concepts rather than single words. In our very literal language of English, deep concepts require many words, and even with an abundance of words it is often difficult to sum up a simple sanskrit meaning accurately or completely. In my practice and study of Reiki, I have realized that the usage of the sanskrit symbols scares some people, as they ask, "What do the symbols mean?" or they fear that by having Reiki done that they are secretly worshipping something not of God through those symbols. However, we should remember that these sanskrit concepts are more of the language of Jesus than our current English translations of his words (or part of his words), representing peace and oneness with God, love, our fellow human beings, and the Universe.

Many people like to quote the Bible as not only the word of God, but the only word of God, as if God would have only spoken during that one period and then abandoned us for the rest of eternity, until the end of time. I find that idea ludicrous, not only because I do not believe God would abandon us, and my own communication with God confirms to me that He/She wants to communicate to us and through us to make our lives better and help us return to Eden. I also find that idea ludicrous and even laughable because our filtered and excessively translated English Bible does not even effectively represent the variety of meanings that the original sanskrit language conveyed, where feeling and personal interpretation was paramount. (For that matter, it does not even call Jesus by his real earthly name, Yeshua...How's that for accuracy?!). We get so trapped in debating literal words that we do not allow the feelings behind those words, the feelings that were lost in translation...and feeling is the energy of miracles.

If you take the time to study the sanskrit meanings of original passages, and how those interpretations were extremely limited by the English translations, you will understand that the Bible is woefully incomplete in its message, not to mention that there are over 50 gospels that the church and powers-that-be hid for almost 2000 years, sometimes killing to destroy those scriptures that could possibly give us deeper insight into the life and words of Jesus, a truer meaning of his message. It is no coincidence that so many people are being opened up to a deeper spirituality and being introduced to healing gifts in the last 10 years, since those documents (which had been found over 50 years earlier but kept sealed) were made publicly available, only after much pressure from a persistent public that knew there must be valuable information therein.

Those of us who truly want to know God more deeply should take the time to study these hidden gospels as well as words from new messengers who may have lessons from God, or better interpretations of previous ones. It does not hurt to read and consider alternate opinions to see what resonates with us - down in our soul, rather than just in the logic of our brain and its trained thoughts. Some get offended by the suggestion of reading the other gospels or reading new materials to challenge the old. If you are frightened or reluctant to do so or angered at the suggestion, I would ask that you consider why it brings up such negative and controlling emotions in you. If we never question what has been put before us, we are not really using the intelligence that we have been blessed with. If we never step outside of the limitations we perceive and allow ourselves to believe that there is something much more and much better, then we are not demonstrating the mustard seed of faith that we so often speak of, but are merely talking about it and pretending to have it rather than living it. True faith always expects a brighter world, and always expects that God is more than our small minds and limiting beliefs have diminshed him to, just as we are more than our small minds and trained thoughts have diminshed us to.

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