Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Space Between

Several months ago, when I was well into the spiritual transformation that opened up so many gifts in me, I started hearing the song "The Space Between" by the Dave Matthews Band. I do not listen to the radio much, usually only in my car, which is not very often. That song was on several times in a row when I got in my car, enough to let me know that it was more than coincidence. One passage kept coming into my head at random times, even while dreaming. That part of the song was,

The Space Between
What's wrong and right
Is where you'll find me hiding, waiting for you

I could not get those lines out of my head. This went on for a few days, then one morning when the song came into my head, I also had the sudden thought to revisit some things I had read online, excerpts from "The God Code" by Gregg Braden. I had gone through moments where I was fascinated by this "sacred geometry" and "sacred numbers" that suggest a deeper code and meaning to scriptures and numerology, as if God communicates with us through these symbols with deeply embedded messages there at our fingertips if we dare to unravel them. One night, I had gotten consumed by this information and somehow, on some level, I understood it and knew that it was true. So suddenly, I thought about this "God Code" again and went to my computer.

A few minutes later, in what I call my "attention deficit" state of creativity, I got up and started pacing around the house, thinking deeply. From a stack of books in my living room, one book title jumped out at me from across the room..."The Divine Matrix"...by Gregg Braden...the same person who had written "The God Code" that had entranced me so. I had previously picked up "The Divine Matrix" and had no connection to it. I had felt that it was over my head with the scientific language so I had not picked it up again until that moment when it seemed to scream out at me from across the room.

When I noticed that it was by the same author as the "The God Code" which I had just moments earlier had some strange and sudden desire to look up again, I knew that this was a moment of being led down a trail to something important, just as I had been many times over the last year and a half of transformation. I opened "The Divine Matrix" and the title of the first chapter was "The Space Between." This gave me chills, as I felt the presence of Divinity and Holy Spirt in some form, leading me to this piece of information that was important for me to hear at that moment. Time stopped as I flipped through this book, rapidly absorbing its message. Surprisingly (or not surprisingly), the book which had previously seemed over my head suddenly made perfect sense to me. I was in the space of knowing, which only comes from following and allowing, from surrendering to a higher power and a higher knowledge.

As I read the book, I understood that there is an emptiness, a place between matter, that contains a universal energy with power beyond words. Scientist see this in an atom, where the power from the tiniest of things is immense if properly tapped. I feel it in experiences that I can only describe as Divine connection. Those lyrics of the song came through my head again, "The Space Between...What's wrong and right..Is where you'll find me hiding, waiting for you" and I knew in that instant that God (that universal life energy by whatever name we call it) lies between what we have set up as wrong and right. When we can let go of our strict ideas of good and bad and live in more loving acceptance, we will find God. It is the concept of laying down judgement, what Jesus and other masters have tried so hard to teach, that leads us to God, where we can tap into that universal power and heal ourselves, heal others. In finding that space between wrong and right, we can find the healing power of unconditional love. The problem is that we are so burdened by the need to label things as being good or bad, especially where God is concerned, that we cannot get to that space where He resides. Our need to be right keeps us from experiencing God's magificence in its fullest glory, keeps us from experiencing our own magnificence.

This trail of synchronicities that I followed is but one of many that happen to me regularly as I seek to understand God in a higher way. We have been told "Seek and ye shall find," and I know that this is true, yet so few of us truly seek anything beyond the norm, instead running from any idea that is outside or our comfortably crafted zones. In fact, we label those who do seek more as crazy, or worse, we attack them for suggesting that there is more. But there is a space between wrong and right that can lead you to your Higher Self where God resides, if you have the courage to seek it. In that willingness to surrender everything we have ever thought about God, we can ask Him to show himself to us in a truer way, a way that is real to us. Angels rejoice each time one of us reaches the space between, for they, along with all the spirits in heaven, are awaiting our return home.

(For more about Gregg Braden's revolutionary work uniting science with God and spirituality, visit his website through the link at right).

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